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Early Chance to Act in 2011 Horror Movie

Aspiring actors have an early chance to fulfill 2011 New Years Resolutions by making their mark amid the big-screen murder and mayhem of the new indie horror movie ‘Redd Inc’.

Hundreds of budding actors, artists, musicians and filmmakers have already made their blood-stained contributions to the world-first, interactive film project online and the producers were so impressed with the calibre of submissions they decided to cast four more acting roles using members of the public.

Set to feature in the all-important opening title sequence of the finished film, the roles include: a news reporter at the scene of a crime, a YouTube crime fan, a victim’s relative and a patient of the Landsdale Clinic.

Aspiring actors and lovers of movie macabre are encouraged to study the scripts and instructions at www.reddincthemovie.com, rehearse, record and submit their role to the Redd Inc website by 31 January 2011.
The public will then have the chance to vote on their favourite performances with the top 10 rated submissions for each role shortlisted for inclusion in the movie. ‘Redd Inc.’ director Daniel Krige, producer Jonathon Green and co-writer Anthony O’Connor will choose the best performances to include in the final cut of the movie. They will announce the winning submissions on February 7, 2011. Watch the team’s latest video update on the project including some of the most recent acting work submitted to the project from as far afield as Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. video: http://blog.reddincthemovie.com/video/featuring-your-movie-acting-submission/

“We’ve found working on a horror movie is a lot of fun and we’re glad we’ve been able to share that experience with our audience. What we’re seeing is the abundance of imagination and talent that is out there and the desire that people have to express themselves. There are so many inspired submissions coming in and we’re looking forward to more right up until the end of January.” Said Jonathon Green

Redd Inc the movie is currently in production, directed by Daniel Krige (West) and co-written by Jonathon Green and Anthony O’Connor (Angst)

Movie acting submissions to the Redd Inc website are open until 31 January 2011. For more information visit: http://www.reddincthemovie.com

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Jonathon Green, Peter Giles info@reddincthemovie.com

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