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Book Review: Last Gas Pump on the Left – Issue 1


Published by Fenris Wulf Books
Written & Artwork by Chaz Wolf

Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color
Price: $6.88

With a tItle like that you don’t know what’s gonna be coming at ya! Our latest read comes from the mind of Chaz Wolf, writer and illustrator in his debut issue of “Last Gas Pump on the Left”. With an obvious love for grind house, we are introduced to the grind house world of Martha-Jane Baerbecker, a fictional pinup model fromt he belly of the south who operates a gas station and likes to get busy with passing strangers. Rats, garbage, roaches or filth…it don’t matter Momma got good luvin a plenty waiting for you.

To get you all started, Chaz has provided a whole fictional world to dive into complete with Bio, director comments and some back story. While the movie may be just a figment, it surely would be great to see if not.

Southern twang and a special way of holding “that there” gas pump means that things are about to get interesting down at the ol filling station, In our first edition, it’s pretty much sexing and more sexing as 2 waverly traveler stop by to gas up and lay down. If there incestual relationship isn’t enough then they are gonna show ya how things get busy down home. While this first issue is pretty void of any horror, I’m guessing its right around the corner in future issues.

Very nicely illustrated, Chaz serves it up old school with classic style line work and popping colors that has local grind written all over it. An enjoyable first edition from the publishers at Fenris Wulf Books…look for more to come in future editions.

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