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HNN Filmmaker Spotlight: Rob Ceus (Final Brick In The Wall)

Hello my name is Rob Ceus I am from Belgium

 I was born at the very young age of zero years and 1 day

I was born in the city of Tienen.

 My parents split up when I was very young and my mom and me moved to Walshoutem with my Stepdad.

It was a small country town on a dead end street.

Most of my youth is a dazed blur of drugs, girls, drinking and partying a lot.

By the age of 19 I bought my first tattoo equipment and started making my own needles on the attack of my parents old neighbor’s house where I moved too at the age of 17.

I started tattooing my own legs and some people who volunteered.

Very soon after I move to the first nearby big city to open up my first official tattoo shop.

 Unfortunately the landlord and owners had to do constructions in and on my store and my living room behind the store

They broke up the store up to 3 times over the course of 3 to 4 years

This resulted in me having a mental breakdown and burnout since I was not compensated nor could work

We decided to leave the city and move to a little country town again near the city I was born in

There was no area yet to do tattoos but I had to stay busy and creative to not drink all the time and I had to find new purpose in life

That’s when I bought a book about special fx make up and I started doing some with household materials on my own and some liquid latex and tissues or cotton wool

We made a new area for tattooing where now my girlfriend does the tattoos

I tattooed for a little while again but then eventually called it quits due to mental health problems, I still paint though and draw

I was asked a little while after by someone to do their effects on set for their movie so that got

me some gigs to do special effects for other people

However I didn’t enjoy that very much with all the pressure the directors and everyone puts on you so I just decided to start making my own movie

It was like now or never if we were gonna do this

That was around 2015

I am a director, assistant director, sfx make up artist and prop maker, among many other things like distributor of several directors their movies.  I am also a painter and a musician.  I make techno sounding tracks with my girlfriend on vocals and I also tend to make some soundtrack tracks and tunes.  We also make music video’s for bands and our own music project

My girlfriend and me started out with our company TerrorVisions Productions in 2015.

We did a little experiment film to see if things would work out.

That was Bridezombie

Immediately we were hooked and started our first feature film project Zombies from Sector 9.

In the meantime we shot a couple of shorts like SLIME and The Writer

We also made a fake trailer for NECRO.


After The Writer we shot Dismembered the sequel to The Writer and after finishing Zombies from Sector 9 we shot a little thing for Symbolicus compilation by Marcus Koch and we agreed to expand and extend the little short we did into a feature and that became our second feature film CEMENT : The Final Brick in The Wall which is now in post production

  • I have scripts ready to go for a series of episodes for Slime
  • 2 sequels for Zombies from Sector 9
  • The prequels and sequels the the Writer and Dismembered
  • 1 slasher and a sequel
  • Plenty of stuff to still do
  • I myself Rob appear in several other director’s films as a cameo
  • I have been in Joe Meredith’s films as well as Alex Wesley and Jamie Dunn among others
  • I recently started a webstore with old toys and our products and releases







Thanx for reading and give me a follow or a friend request or message on Facebook if you want to – https://www.facebook.com/rob.ceus.56

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