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BLOOD DYNASTY Comes to Blu-ray this September from Darkside Releasing

Chris Alexander’s


Arrives on Blu-ray September 6th

BLOOD DYNASTY, director Chris Alexander’s 2017 “spiritual sequel” to his award-winning existential vampire films BLOOD FOR IRINA (2012) and QUEEN OF BLOOD (2014) is set to release via genre film distributor Darkside Releasing on September 6th, a deluxe special edition Blu-ray release packed with new bonus features.

Like its predecessors, BLOOD DYNASTY is a psychological, experimental exploration of the concept of vampirism that picks up where QUEEN OF BLOOD left off. Unlike a traditional vampire mythos, the character of Irina (once again portrayed by Shauna Henry), is a sort of karmic force, reinvented in each picture in a different form, serving a different purpose. This time, Irina is called forth like a ghost from her watery grave by a lonely woman living near the same haunted motel that Irina – in a different lifetime and alternate timeline – once called home. The vampire drifts into the woman’s life, cursing her with bloodlust while slowly, surely feeding her own parasitic agenda.

Filled with evocative imagery, deliberate pacing, saturated color, spare dialogue and oceans of blood and fueled by Alexander’s own ambient synth music, BLOOD DYNASTY (previously only available during a brief run on streaming platforms) is an echo of the previous “Irina” pictures and a moody, hypnotic meditation on loneliness and the addictive nature of love.

Darkside Releasing will have the special edition release of BLOOD DYNASTY with limited slipcase available exclusively through their website beginning September 6th. A wide release regular edition Blu-ray will arrive later this year, available via most video retail outlets. Special bonus features will include director’s commentary, academic commentary from DEEP RED magazine editor Dennis Daniel, liner notes from Daniel and the official trailer.


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