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Film Review: The Blood of the Dinosaurs (Short Film) (2021)

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Uncle Bobbo teaches everyone where oil comes from. This is bookended by the history of the natural world, starting with the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. Then continuing with the violation of creation and with the recreation and rebirth of a more perfect humanity.


This short was included with the WTF (Watch These Films)- CFF 2022 Strange & Magical Shorts Showcase. It was written by Jason Kruppa, and also written by Joe Badon, and directed by Joe Badon. It stars Vincent Stalba, Stella Creel, and Kali Russell.

Humanity is wild. We are such horrible times; I feel like we always have to say this. I try to stay positive and think positive but the reality kicks you right in the ass. Imagine being a dinosaur, just chilling, and all of the sudden some asshole asteroid just kills you and your friends. What a bummer.

The film starts off with some bizzarro images, and we are introduced to “The Blood of the Dinosaurs.” So, Uncle Bobbo is sort of like a Mr. Rogers if Mr. Rogers was all psychedelic, and had a serial killer look to him.

Nothing ever bothers me with scary movies but this dude gives off all the CREEPYNESS, all the creep vibes, how did he even get a show? Who allowed this? This shit is wild. The Chattanooga Film Festival truly dished out some awesome short films.

Is this metaphorically for the strange elite vampires everyone keeps talking about? I feel nervous, I feel like I have to go and double check the door. This definitely makes you think. Humanity is wild. Here’s hoping things truly get better.



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