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Custom Horror Stories – An Alternative Gift Idea For Horror Fans

Did you ever want to put your significant other up against a serial killer or a monster and see what would happen? Now’s your chance.

CUSTOM HORROR STORIES is a new service for horror fans who need a creative gift idea.   It’s like a greeting card, but a short story.

  • Custom Horror Birthday Stories
    Custom Horror Anniversary Stories
    Custom Horror Halloween Stories
    Custom Horror Christmas Stories

They will customize a short horror story to your specifications:

Name of the recipient who will be in the story? (example: my wife, Michele)
What type of monster? (example: zombies)
Do you want the story recipient killed? (example: yes)
How do you want the story recipient killer? (example: brains eatin’)
Any special instruction? (example: yes, I want it to take place in the snow)
Kid Friendly or Adult Friendly? (example: Adult Friendly)
Private Story or Published Story? (example: Private Story)


Each story will be based on the requested holiday: Birthday, Anniversary, Halloween, or Christmas.

Everyone is faced with the same question once a year,
What the hell am I going to get him this year for his birthday this year?

We got this.

Ask yourself, does the person in your life like horror? If the answer is yes, then look no further. We offer an affordable and unique alternative to the same old boring drab holiday gift.

For more information:
Contact Michael Joy at joyhorror@msn.com

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