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Film Review: My Friends The Plants (Short Film) (2022)

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A mockumentary horror-comedy depicting a woman’s difficulties being a familiar to vampire plants.


Directed, written, and starring Christine Celozzi, My Friends the Plants is great. I love nature, I have an appreciation for nature. Christine portrays Fern and she gets right to it, how she feeds the plants, how all of this started. It’s funny.

She sits down and does an interview surrounded by the vampire plants. Christine wants to leave the plants but they won’t let her leave. They follow her around the house. They know what she’s doing. This movie is funny. It’s a different take on something that can take hold of a person and not let go.

I love that the plants all sound like little Gremlins. Fern manages to get some help and well it doesn’t go well for her replacement.

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