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SUNSET OF THE DEAD to Feature Actor Douglas Dunning

Actor, producer, stuntman and 70mm camera operator Douglas Dunning, one of the stars of the upcoming zombie film Z Dead End, has agreed to play a “Zombie’ologist” in the upcoming film Sunset of the Dead, to be directed by Adam King. The film is to be shot in Tennessee. Douglas Dunning also will be serving as technical consultant. In the meantime, Douglas has also been signed to be the voiceover for new video game, Oberoende.

The aforementioned Z Dead End is a new zombie film unlike any before it. The film was written and will be directed by Robert Resto (The Brain Hunter, 2013). It is scheduled for release in late 2023/early 2024:

From the IMDB.com description:

The date is July 4th, 2015 – and it’s the end of the world. Without any warning, bodies begin dropping from the sky, colliding with the ground, only to rise once more. The bodies are swiftly determined to be zombies, and they’ve invaded Earth. No one knows why the zombies have arrived, except for a mysterious little girl named Emily. As humanity continues to fall at the hands of these monsters, a few people are determined to survive the invasion. Officer Betsy Milford (Felissa Rose) is the first to encounter the little girl as she fends off zombies to protect Emily, only for the girl to eerily flee from her. Against the odds, strippers Kara and Mindy escape their club, while a lonely Bicker Blaze (Robert LaSardo) slashes down as many zombies as he can. As these survivors brave the invasion, they suddenly meet four black suit government agents who will change the course of their existence.

Have a look at the trailer here, with voiceover by Douglas Dunning.

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