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Interview: Geno Walker (Night’s End)

Actor/Producer Geno Walker (Chicago P.D., The T, Animator) stars in this new terrifying SHUDDER original film Night’s End. He talks exclusively to Horrornews.net.


On Shudder US, Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ

G.W.- Hey Janel, I actually have a sister named Janel but it’s spelled different.

Oh, that’s awesome. I hardly ever met anyone with my name. I have met a few Janel’s over the years now.

I wanted to give your character a hug. A virtual hug.

G.W.- I’ll take all hugs; I’ll take a virtual hug.

You did such a great job in Night’s End. The isolation messes with you. How did you prepare to portray Ken? It’s so intense. This movie is scary in a good way.

G.W.- I started my preparation for this character about forty years ago, here in Chicago. For about three months out of the year we call it winter, and you do not leave your home.

That sounds like Pennsylvania’s winters.


G.W.- I’m used to going long stretches without leaving the house, and just sort of hunkering down, finding some form of entertainment, and bouncing off the walls, seeing things that are there, maybe there not there, and starting to question one’s own sanity. I’m used to that.

What was it like working with the director Jennifer Reeder?

G.W.- It was great working with Jennifer. Jennifer and I had a conversation before we started filming. I didn’t just want Ken to walk around talking to himself. We talked about what she envisioned for this character and what she saw for this character.

You do an excellent job in this film. Night’s End has a great cast. What was it like working with everyone? Felonious Munk, Daniel Kyri, Michael Shannon, Kate Arrington.

G.W.- Everyone was great. This was a great cast.

Thank you so much Geno. It was an honor talking with you. You did a great job in Night’s End.  

G.W.- Thank you, Janel.

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