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Exclusive Interview: Erin O’Brien (Harvey)



How did you get attached to HARVEY?

I got attached to Harvey through my good friend, Johnny Alonso. We met on the film “what death leaves behind” years ago. We loved working together! And now we try to work together any opportunity we can get. He’s a fantastic actor, and so easy and lovely to work with. He’s also one of my closest friends. He’s the best!

Tell us a little bit about your character, Karen?

Omg I love Karen. Well I loved to play karen lol . She’s a miserable “Karen” that pretty much sums her up, but she was a blast to play !

How was it working with directors Ranelle Golden and Johnny Alonso ?

They are both fantastic! So easy and fun to work with. I truly adore them both. They are super hard working and organized too. I really can’t say enough good things about them !

What was your favorite scene?

The bathroom scene was my favorite. It’s just so silly and I couldn’t stop laughing. That was our DP Shannon’s idea. Hysterical.. I also liked the argument scene with Johnny’s character in his office. That was a lot of fun as well. This entire movie was a blast to make for me.

What was the most difficult aspect to making this film?

I guess i’d say being mean to Harvey, played by Darius. He’s such a sweet guy! And I just gave him dirty looks for a week straight haha.

What makes this film stand out?

So many things.. but id definitely say the cool 80s vibe with the hair and clothes and sets, and the soundtrack is phenomenal!!

Do you have any favorite horror films?

“It” was a favorite growing up, still scares me. The shining too !

What made you want to get into acting?

My love of movies :)

Who inspires your creativity?

Ordinary People and others actors and movies are what inspires me. Everyone has a story to tell.

What’s next for you?

There are a few films in the works, just waiting for the go ahead and of course once it’s a go I’ll be posting on my social media. Johnny and I have some projects we hope to be working on very soon too !

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