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‘Friend of the World’ streaming and on demand Nov 22nd

Brian Patrick Butler’s Friend of the World is about an eccentric general and a young filmmaker taking refuge in a ravaged bunker after a catastrophic global war.

“Inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing, Friend of the World is a tribute to and expansion of themes from the body horror subgenre of sci-fi and horror. This grotesque element of the movie underscores the arc and ultimate fates of the two main characters, Diane and Gore. Additionally, there are elements of comic absurdity and social satire to make this elephant-sized pill of a twisted morality play a tad easier to digest.
It’s basically a two-person play on film with several practical and visual effects. I can’t remember if I consciously had Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit in mind prior to the first draft, but upon revisiting, he and Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape quickly came to mind, and that influenced the many rewrites to come. Other inspirations include The Twilight Zone, Dr. Strangelove and La Jetée.” -Brian Patrick Butler
Friend of the World explodes on VOD and streaming November 22nd from Charybdis Pictures

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