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Our Favorite Spooky Themed Games For Halloween

Halloween is arguably the spookiest time of the year!

The tradition, which primarily stems from the religious date of All Hallows Eve, sees people investigate the paranormal side of life – or simply enjoy a date making toffee apples, going trick or treating, and more.

Ultimately, then, it’s a time to have fun. And what better way to do that than to play some Halloween-themed games? This blog post will open your eyes to the Halloween gaming prospects you can enjoy this autumn – no matter what your preferred form of gaming might be.

Gambling Games 

Gambling might not be the first thing you think of when you recall your Halloween experience. But the reality is that online and virtual casinos are responding extraordinarily well to the demand for spooky games this year – and you’re going to have plenty to pick from.

In fact, scary casino games are very popular all year round – so there’s no need to fear that you won’t find anything. Everything from Immortal Romance to Book of Shadows will give you your slot game fix in a suitably scary fashion.

And who knows you might even win a jackpot while you’re in the grip of the fright! If you’re struggling to find more Halloween-themed gambling options, though, the Slot Source official site can help you identify what you need and get you the scary game you need this season. 

Video Games 

If you’re planning to spend the Halloween holiday playing video games, meanwhile, you’re spoiled for choice.

Top video game designers over the years have worked hard to produce games with universes that are unsettlingly spooky – so you’ve got loads to choose from, no matter what exact sort of scare you’re after.

If you’re just looking to be frightened, there’s a plethora of scary games to select. One such game is Fatal Frame II, which is set in a spooky settlement and involves ritualistic sacrifice. What could be more frightening than that?

Another option might be to go for Resident Evil. Produced by Capcom Production Studio 4 and dating back to 2005, it’s long since been a terrifying game option for those who want to imagine what it would be like to survive in an alternate horror universe.

Those who are seeking something a little more thrilling, meanwhile, may want to invest in a psychologically manipulating game this Halloween. One such example is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

This game takes interactivity to the next level by asking you questions to form a full picture of your psyche, and then uses the answers to inform the action in-game. In some ways, the game knows you better than you know yourself – which is a terrifying prospect in many ways.

The good thing about having a video game party this Halloween is that it’s possible to play these scary games all by yourself if you want to give yourself a real fright.

If you prefer to hang out with others, however, why not set up a multiplayer tournament that kicks off as the clock ticks to midnight on Halloween? That way you can get both your social fix and your fright fix in one go. 

In-Person Games  

Finally, don’t forget that until relatively recently the only form of gaming that was on offer at Halloween was in-person gaming. This could take the form of one of many different types of game, most of which we remember from our childhoods.

For many people, the coronavirus pandemic meant that traditional games – like trick or treating – were out of the question last year. This year, however, the increasing vaccination take up and relaxation of lockdown rules has meant that it’s coming back on to the Halloween scene.

Trick or treating is commonly played by children, with adult supervision. It’s a great chance to get the family together and engage in communal activities such as face painting, which you can do together before the kids head out into the neighborhood.

Those who don’t have children may – understandably – feel reluctant to go trick or treating door to door. So why not add some adult fun into the mix by hosting a Halloween party with games like a Halloween murder mystery?

Another in-person game that’s fun no matter what your age might be is pumpkin carving. This is perfect for those who have an artistic flair and would like to get involved in a competition or two to show off their skills.

In the end, there are plenty of games out there that you can pick from if you want a fun Halloween experience this year.

Whether you’re planning to spend it on the couch in front of some video or online games or gearing up for a more active or party-based big night, there’s something for you. Have a happy – and spooky – Halloween!

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