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David Bohórquez’s Horror/Thriller, THE DEVIL’S CHILD – Available On Demand & VOD Now

Written & Directed by | David  Bohórquez
Starring | Maria Camila Pérez and Germán Naranjo

Available On Demand & Streaming TODAY May 7th, 2021

Having been appointed residential carer to the elderly renown psychic Phillip Hallewell, a young nurse Cherry Holly is driven by her girlfriends Maria and Sara to a rendezvous point far on the outskirts of town. There, she is met by a reserved young man, Dwayne, the Hallewell’s faithful servant who drives Cherry, without stopping late into the night, to the remote Hallewell estate.

Reaching the dark, gothic mansion, Cherry is greeted by the cold and enigmatic Naomi Hallewell who leads her upstairs to meet her father. Cherry is taken aback by thesight of the comatose thin old man with opaque eyes and blistered skin. Naomi explains she will be leaving her father entirely in Cherry’s care; bedridden and suffering from a skin condition, he needs regular blood infusions and can withstand only exposure to the dimmest of light. Dwayne will stay with Cherry in the house and can drive into town for anything she needs.

Over the coming weeks, Cherry intimately cares for Philip washing him and dressing his wounds, but finds herself suffering increasingly from nightmares depicting the torments she suffered at the orphanage as a child. As Dwayne and Cherry grow closer, he shows her the old Hallewell family photograph albums with Philip as a handsome young pianist; yet those of Philip’s sister have, for some reason, been expunged.

At night, Philip draws on his ancestral psychic powers to visit Cherry in her dreams, seducing her as his youthful self and manipulating Cherry and Dwayne for his own amusement. Discovering a hidden portrait of her grandmother, Cherry realizes her own connection to the Hallewell family and suspects that her presence in the house is not a coincidence.
Yet, it is only when Cherry’s girlfriends, Maria and Sara, pay her an surprise visit, the true terror of their situation is revealed, as Philip unleashes his power and Cherry discovers she cannot escape the house and her destiny with the Hallewells, preordained since birth.
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Release Date: May 7th, 2021
Written & Directed by: David Bohórquez
Cast: Maria Camila Pérez, Germán Naranjo, Marvens Paissano, and Fiona Horsey
Produced by: Katherine Día and David Bohóquez
Distributor: Vertical Entertainment

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