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Sherry Dracula book FREE today through April 4

Castling Books Announces
Monster Kid Detective Squad #2:
Sherry Dracula and the Case of the Lunchroom Phantom FREE on Kindle through April 4

Check out BOOK #2 in the MONSTER KID DETECTIVE SQUAD series!

Sherry Dracula is a young, headstrong vampire in Frightsville, and when her friend Kenny, who is the lunchroom monitor at Frightsville Middle School, tells her that someone (or something) is stealing food at night from the cafeteria, she teams up with him to stop the thief and catch them red-handed.

Except things take a wild turn when they discover that a mysterious phantom may somehow be involved! Can Sherry and Kenny gather enough clues to figure out what’s really going on and save the school’s failing lunchroom program before it’s too late

About the Monster Kid Detective Squad
Introducing Elsie Frankenstein, Sherry Dracula and Rico Gillman in a new children’s series about the Monster Kid Detective Squad, a club of young monsters (a pair of Frankenstein monster twins, a sea creature, Dracula siblings, and more) who solve mysteries brought to them by fellow students.
The mysteries that come to the Monster Kid Detective Squad treehouse may be supernatural or grounded– the monsters never know until they take the case and get to the bottom of it.
Drop us a line if you would like a review galley!

Release information:
Monster Kid Detective Squad
Book 1: Elsie Frankenstein and the Case of the Disappearing Dogs
Book 2: Sherry Dracula and the Case of the Lunchroom Phantom – FREE on Kindle from March 31 – April 4, 2021
Book 3: Rico Gillman and the Case of the See-Through Woman

Out now in Paperback and Kindle
Castling Books/Castle Bridge Media


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