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Ra Releases New Album Intercorrupted To All Digitial Outlets

Ra released their new album titled Intercorrupted via Wake Up! Music Rocks on March 19, 2021! The album has guest features from Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust and Dustin Bates of Starset.

The album can be purchased at http://raband.net/

“We are very proud of this record. A lot of time went into being respectful of what we done in the past but also trying to feel contemporary and have good songwriting and production to go along with it. Having all the original members participate made this a special album for all of us and played an intrinsic part of keeping it true to our career-long vision of hope, healing and passion. Having the artistic freedom afforded to us by Wake Up Music Rocks! was also critical to being able to make this record what we believe it should be” says Sahaj Ticotin.

“The happiest days at the label are when we unveil a release for our listeners. The Ra album, Intercorrupted is ushering in a new era of rock. The artistry shines from Sahaj Ticotin’s song writing and vocals to each of the musicians, Skoota Warner, PJ Farley and Ben Carroll. A stunning work of new rock and metal” adds Pepper Gomez, Executive Producer, Wake Up! Music and Wake Up! Music Rocks.

Musicality is the connective tissue binding and bridging Ra’s past to its present. It is also responsible for a sound so enigmatic it continues transcending time, resonating with a fan base that has yet to allow Ra to release its melodic grip on them. That grip is a culmination of years fraught with trials and triumphs and many lessons learned; however, perseverance and a passionate resolve pushed Ra far past its genesis to become a band still relevant in today’s ever-changing musical landscape.

In the 7 years since Ra’s last studio release, Sahaj has been hard at work replicating the formula for his success by producing other artists while the rest of the band has pursued independent projects; however, collectively, they feel now is the time for a comeback. What makes the timing so special is that all original members of the band will be together again to not only create the new album, but tour it as well. After a very successful re-emergence on 2020’s Shiprocked, the band has again tapped into the fan based that sustained them all these years.

Ra is:

Sahaj Ticotin – Guitar and Vocals

Ben Carroll – Guitar

PJ Farley – Bass

Skoota Warner – Drums


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