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WALPURGIS NIGHT – New Werewolf Horror To Bring Practical FX Gore!


A wealthy couple, Imre and Justine, are visiting the deep forests of Romania and find themselves at the mercy of Waldemar Daninsky, THE WEREWOLF. The wolf terrorizes the countryside, killing anyone in its path. But Waldemar desperately seeks a cure to his lycanthropy. After a horrific tragedy strikes, Waldemar and Justine travel to London to seek the help from of Dr. Jekyll’s grandson. But when the full moon rises… The werewolf becomes loose in London! Justine and Jekyll must quickly find a way to end this horrible curse.

This exciting new film is to be written and directed by Eric Yoder.

“This film will be filled with horrifying gore, incredible special effects, and bring a sleek new look to the classic gothic monster movie!” Says Eric…

“There won’t be any CGI in this film… EVERY EFFECT WILL BE PRACTICAL!! This includes over FOUR transformation scenes: each more horrifying than the last!”

(1 week left!) IndieGoGo campaign(their initial goal was reached and the film is funded but every little bit more helps to make it better):


Watch the previous werewolf short The Legend Of El Hombre Lobo the director worked on:

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