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CAST & BTS IMAGES: Full Moon Features Presents ‘The Gingerweed Man’

Did you love the Evil Bong franchise? Your favorite character, who first debuted in Evil Bong 666, is going on his own mad misadventures in The Gingerweed Man, a new comedy adventure offshoot from Full Moon Features that just wrapped production!

  • Behind the scenes images and footage can be found HERE.
  • Cast includes:
    • Naiia Lajoie (Widow, “Drug Lords”) plays Barbara
    • Eli Jane (“The League”, Kong: Skull Island) plays Smokahontas
    • Paige Phillips (City of Fallen Angels) plays Kaya The Weed Queen
    • Nathan Bock (“Doll House”)plays Claude
    • Ben Jurand (Demolition Man) plays Hi
    • J Nihilist Gelo (Trouble is my Business) plays Mr. Stedenko
  • Before its March premiere (date to be announced soon!), if your audience heads over to www.fullmoonfeatures.com/ and signs up for a one year subscription ($59.99) to Full Moon’s streaming site, each new subscriber will become an executive producer, earning an on-screen credit in The Gingerweed Man!
  • Full Moon Features will also be announcing a new fan contest alongside the film’s release! I’ll be following up with the rules and regulations for your audience closer to the premiere in March.

The Gingerweed Man Synopsis

Directed by Brooks Davis (The Macabre), The Gingerweed Man runs a successful dispensary delivery service, catering to a wide array of wacky clientele. But when he gets charged with protecting little Baby Buddy, a mysterious super strain weed dude that is wanted by every bad vibe in the city, mad misadventures follow!

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