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Crazy 2 Crazy – new horror film arriving on VOD in January

CRAZY 2 CRAZY, coming to VOD this January and on exclusive BluRay via HorrorPack early next year!

From director Greg Daniel (2012’s CARL) and AfterLight Pictures comes CRAZY 2 CRAZY, a twistedly demented horror-thriller coming to VOD early next year.

A low-life street criminal attempts to up his game…but the ‘game’ has other ideas.

CRAZY 2 CRAZY stars Mark Ashworth (ALONG CAME THE DEVIL 2, “Stargirl”, “Doom Patrol”), Robert Pralgo (FURIOUS 7, “Watchmen”, “The Vampire Diaries”), Adam Minarovich (“The Walking Dead”, CHOP, PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES), Keith Brooks (“Stranger Things”, SHAFT), and Marla Malcolm (2001 MANIACS, +1).

CRAZY 2 CRAZY arrives on VOD January 19, 2021 and on exclusive Blu Ray through HorrorPack (https://horrorpack.com) early next year!

More information can be found at IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8999492/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1

Director: Greg Daniel

Producer: Zeke Flatten

Co-Producers: Kendall Keeling, Shaun Michael Lynch, Robert Pralgo

Writer: Greg Daniel

Genres: Thriller, Horror, Suspense

Distributors: Afterlight Pictures, HorrorPack

Executive Producers: Zeke Flatten, Kenny Smith

2021 “CRAZY 2 CRAZY”, Afterlight Pictures LLC, OOTC Films LLC

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