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ARAF 2 – BABY DEMON is Coming

ARAF 2; DEMON BABY IS COMING, which is the continuation of the highly anticipated movie ARAF that has been loved by Turkey and Middle Eastern’s, has finally met its fans.  Movie is based on true story of Exorcism got full marks from the audience. Araf 2; DEMON BABY IS COMING is now streaming on amazon by Biray Dalkiran DFGS America.

The life of Kubra and Ahmet, who love each other and have a happy marriage, turn into a nightmare because of the events they cannot understand. Kubra has been exposed to strange events for a while and the couple go to hospital. Doctors diagnoses epilepsy on young woman. However, the imam of the village, who learns about Kubra, tells them that she is haunted by a genie. Kubra gets worse every day.

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Company Link: www.biraydalkiran.com

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