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GIRL NEXT – Cult-classic SOCIETY writer joins forces with award-winning director Larry Wade Carrell

GIRL NEXT is a feature film produced by Zeph E. Daniel, who is also the author of the original screenplay, and Loris Curci. Award-winning director Larry Wade Carrell helms this disturbing tale of human-trafficking and survival, set in the suburbs of a non-better specified American city.Starring newcomer Lacey Cofran, alongside British actor Marcus Jean Pirae and genre-habitues Paula Mercenaro and Rachel Alig, GIRL NEXT is currently in post-production and is looking at a May 2020 release. Writer/producer Zeph E. Daniel is quoted saying that the story is based on real-life events.

Daniel had written the cult-classic SOCIETY under his previous name Woody Keith.

Directed by Brian Yuzna, SOCIETY received rave reviews when first released in 1989, and was rated 4/5 stars by “Empire”, who considered the film “Way ahead of its time, this is a balls-out satire on the disgraceful layers that can lurk just beneath the Avon surface.”

Girl Next Teaser from Crazed House, LLC on Vimeo.

LORIAN WEST is perfect. She’s young, upscale, connected, the right school, the right politics, the classic blonde, blue eyed American beauty. Unknown to Lorian though, she’s been targeted for abduction. She’s drugged and taken to a remote rundown ranch where international traffickers not only deliver women for sex, but change them into obedient, beautiful yet placid and willing-to-please sex dolls. They also kill the ones who resist the program. ‘Sofia’ is the newest model from HEINRICH, a kind of international trendy druggy scientist whose genius is using trauma based mind control techniques along with other hideous extremes of physical and mental torture to create the perfect doll. Heinrich thinks Lorian is actually the next breakthrough model and is excited to raise the price of delivery. Enter shady SHERIFF, who supplies Heinrich with a drug that eventually takes him into madness, an experimental drug which is highly classified, that someone monitoring the program wanted Heinrich especially to have. The liaison Sheriff gets the call from someone up the food chain to stop the operation and shut it down. It is now a failure and the order is given to kill Lorian. But Lorian has other plans. Ones that contemplate retaliation.

Quoting director LARRY WADE CARREL: “Initially what drew me to the project was how “unique” the script is compared to anything else out there right now. It has a quality about it that rarely seen these days.” “Having grown up on cult classics like “Society” and “Bride of ReAnimator”, I was really stoked for the opportunity to work with Zeph. It was an incredible experience. We got to make a kick ass movie and I believe it was also a chance to help raise awareness against the very real tragedy of human trafficking.” L.W.C.

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