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The Best & Worst Casino Horror Movies

Are you a gambler with the penchant for horror movies? What an exciting combination! There are not quite many horror movies that feature a casino, but those that exist send your adrenaline to astronomic level. So, are you ready to enjoy the most dreadful moments? Here are a few casino movies that will have you seated on edge of your seat right from the beginning to the end.

  • Dead Man’s Hand

Do you have an uncle who has listed you as his heir? You want to check out if his property is haunted before you this movie. Matthew Dragna, together with her girlfriend and other a few friends, decides to check out the casino he inherits from his late uncle. Little did he know that ghosts of the Las Vegas gangsters stock the casino. It’s a battle for survival as the Matthew and his friends fight angry vicious demons, which would stop at nothing but to their vengeance.

Join Sid Haig and Michael Berryman in this creepy film directed by Charles Band and enjoy 1 hour and 21 minutes of hair-raising experience as the Vegas mobster and his henchman bay for blood at a run-down gaming hall.

  • Remains

A nuclear blast sends humanity into flesh-eating zombies. But there are a group of survivors, including Grant Bowler and Tori, two employees of Silver Star Casino in Reno, who were making out when the incident occurred. Together with a few other survivors in the casino, they fight the zombies during the day and spend the night playing cards as they wait for help from nowhere. In the end Tori is also turned, but she retains her human intelligence. It’s an epic thriller that will drive you crazy.

  • Leprechaun 3

We all need luck when we visit the gaming hall, whether it is a land-based or an online casino. But what if you have a lucky charm? In this movie, the third in the Leprechaun franchise, a pawnshop owner buys a statue of a leprechaun, thought to bring luck. The figure comes to life when the man removes the charm, a gold necklace hanging around its neck. It turns into a mean-spirited little man, kills the shop owner and leaves only to discover it had lost a magic coin.

Scott, a college student who had gambled all his money on the roulette wheel without luck and had to pawn his watch for the lucky charm. The leprechaun will stop at nothing but kill everyone to get the lucky coin back.

  • Intacto

Suppose you can steal other people’s luck, what would you do with it at a casino? In Intacto, a Spanish film, Federico, who works at a European casino, has this kind of power, he uses to dispossess people by just touching them. He falls out with his boss, Samuel Berg, who is preternaturally lucky fellow and has even stronger power. His boss robs him of his talent. To revenge, Federico goes on a mission to seek the world’s luckiest man, Tomas, who just survived a plane crash. Federico and Tomas become partners, but a female police officer is on their heels. The duo goes ahead to face Samuel Berg in the Russian roulette, a game he has never lost.


There are not so many horror movies about casinos. Most gambling-related videos are rather violent but not necessarily horror. But if you want a few to try your hands on, these four can make a good collection. Their casino themes blend well within the movie that delivering scary and immersing viewing experience.

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