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Home | Rainn Wilson joins Payne Lindsey on new Horror Podcast, RADIO RENTAL

Rainn Wilson joins Payne Lindsey on new Horror Podcast, RADIO RENTAL

Hope you’re well! Tenderfoot TV’s new horror anthology podcast, RADIO RENTAL, debuted today, and if you haven’t already heard, there is a surprise guest! Rainn Wilson joins true crime podcast creator and host, Payne Lindsey, in the semi-scripted podcast as its main character, Terry Carnation. RADIO RENTAL premiered today with its first two episodes – note that episode two will drop later this afternoon!


RADIO RENTAL explores real-life stories of horror and the unexplained set against the backdrop of a fictional video store. Wilson voices the character of Terry Carnation, a video store clerk who holds a secret VHS collection that houses these dreadful true tales.

Over the course of each episode, Wilson, appearing as the peculiar and mysterious character Terry Carnation, takes us into a dark, fictional world, as Lindsey speaks with people who’ve lived to tell their eerie tales. In episode one, we hear true stories of a terrifying airplane experience and another that details an anonymous, creepy text message interaction.

This marks the first semi-scripted series from podcasting powerhouse Tenderfoot TV, who is known for their five consecutive chart-topping true crime hits, tallying over 450 million downloads.

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