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THE BOOGEYMAN (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack) – First time Available!


One Way Static Records proudly presents: Ulli Lommel’s ‘THE BOOGEYMAN’ (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack by TIM KROG & Synthe-Sound-Trax).

Ulli Lommel was a German writer, actor and director. In the sixties he took up roles in films by ‘Russ Meyer’ and ‘Rainer Werner Fassbinder’ which resulted in him both getting several nominations and winning awards. Later Lommel moved to the US in 1977 to work with Andy Warhol and to direct movies from the likes of ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ & ‘Blank Generation’. Since the mid-1980s, he directed several films, from drama to science fiction, but mostly horror. In his later years he became notorious for a long line of direct-to-video movies based on the lives of serial killers, ‘Son of Sam’ and ‘Zodiac Killer’ being the most well known.

In 1980 Lommel directed ‘THE BOOGEYMAN’ starring John Carradine, which became a ‘slasher genre’ hit and made the UK’s banned ‘Video Nasties’ list. Two sequels were also produced in 1981 and 1983.

To underscore his film, Lommel needed a soundtrack that fitted the times like the synth based John Carpenter styled soundscapes used in Halloween. By the late seventies, electronic music had achieved new heights of popularity. Technological innovations such as the Mini-Moog became a weapon of choice for new composers, churning out chilling electronic music that showed the industry its full creative potential.

For this he turned to Tim Krog and his team ‘Synthe-Sound-Trax’ (SST for short) composed out of Jan Barlett and Ed Christiano. This trio produced a soundtrack far more progressive and unique than one might expect. Moving easily between traditional melodies and more experimental textures, The Boogeyman’s score is a superb example of an economical but highly effective scoring style that would be prevalent throughout the ensuing decades.

Available as a deluxe vinyl edition limited to 900 copies. 300 HAND-NUMBERED units on classic black vinyl (with obi strip), 300 HAND-NUMBERED color vinyl units (transparent purple) & 300 HAND-NUMBERED color vinyl units (highlighter yellow). Black vinyl will be available from record stores and online retailers worldwide on 8/10. The TRANSPARENT PURPLE color vinyl variant is available exclusively from Light In The Attic & Mondo in North America and through Transmission in Europe. The HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW color vinyl variant is available exclusively from Zavvi in the UK. All versions also come with an insert containing extensive and exclusive liner notes by Charlie Brigden, J.A. Kerswell & the late Ulli Lommel himself.


–> Featuring the original 1980 artwork
–> Black vinyl + two color vinyl variants to choose from
–> Comes with Insert/liner notes


www.lightintheattic.net (North America) – Transparent Purple & Black Vinyl

www.mondotees.com (North America) – Transparent Purple Vinyl

www.transmissionrecords.co.uk (Europe) – Transparent Purple Vinyl

www.zavvi.com (Europe) – Highlighter Yellow Vinyl

Black Vinyl version available in stores & with online retailers worldwide on August 10.


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