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Movies Making a Statement in 2018

Black Panther

We had grown bored of the same superhero but thanks to Marvel’s Blacker Panther movie, we got to see things change. Black Panther was a game changer for superhero movie lovers. We loved to see black heroes such as Black Panther himself, Erik Killmonger, Okoye, Shuri, and many others save the day. It inspires a new fashion sense. Many fans of the movie got themselves a Dashiki blouse which is African styled material, just to honour the film. The dance floor had exciting moments with fans getting to dance the Forever Wakanda style or the South African Gwara – gwara style. It was a moment when house music and Kwaito got more popular.


Sometimes you need an insanely outrageous adventure to discover your strengths, and the friends missing from your life. Who would not want to watch a movie with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillam, Nick Jonas and Jack Black?

However, this is why we love Jumanji.

  1. The movie has got the twist and turns that make sure you never know the end until you get there. As thrilling as any real money online slot at au.goldenrivieracasino.com/ .
  2. The Jungle totally blows us away since it’s not the original concept in the previous Jumanji flick.
  3. Jack Black and Kevin Hart are hilarious characters that gave the adventure a comic angle.


Día de Los Muertos is a Mexican Day to commemorate the dead. It brings out a cultural theme. The Pixar movie illustrates that hard work pays off. The movies’ visual effects, colour, music involved in its production were really thought out. Did you know that at new zealand online gambling sites you can play movie related slot game and stand a chance to win big

Coco storyline sees a youngster to follow their dream even when family disagrees. It also has the concept of mending your past so as to attain future benefits. Coco points out the aspect of the conflict between choosing your family against your dream. Coco was a well-produced film. However, it has a touchy storyline that has got a series of emotional scenes that might bring teardrops.

One comment

  1. Black Panther has the same formula as any other superhero movie. People always say race doesn’t matter, but they constantly use it as a selling point. How is that not completely hypocritical…like everything else going on in Hollywood?


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