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First Look: Black Mamba starring Dawna Lee Heising

First Look: Black Mamba starring Dawna Lee Heising

Coming soon from Cinema Lexzikon
One woman, one last chance…a whole lot of dead bad guys…
Starring Angela Williams, Simeon Teague, and Dawna Lee Heising

For Immediate Release

Director, William Lee (Army of Hell, Demons Rising) brings that raw 70’s style of film-making back from the dead in his new action film, Black Mamba.   It can only be described as Martial Arts meets Blaxsploitation meets Female Empowerment and it’s one hell of a entertaining movie going experience.  The script combines gritty language with flashes of humor to keep the audience in their seats to the ending. Unlike many other action/horror films, this has one a strong female lead and other women play prominent roles in the film.

Produced by Cinema Lexzikon

Dawna Lee Heising (Garden Party Massacre, Nemesis 5: The New Model) gives a ‘bad ass’ awesome performance as the antagonist in Black Mamba.  Dawna is a prominent figure in the Hollywood media scene with her television series Eye on Entertainment, covering the best of independent film-making.

What’s all the buzz about?

Read for yourself…
Kyiera Stone (played by Angela Williams) is an average young African-American lady who got in trouble with the drug lord, Reggie Sparks (played by Ray Powell). He had her killed and that should have been the end of things. It wasn’t. Kyiera is visited in the afterlife reception area by two angels who have an assignment for her. Kyiera is given the opportunity to go back and settle the score with Reggie, taking him and his gang out permanently. She will be an assassin for God, doing good by committing murder. She agrees.


Lucifer and his spouse, Esmeralda (played by veteran Hollywood actor, Dawna Lee Heising) are furious and dispatch minions to get rid of Kyiera including the ultimate villain, The White Witch (played by Andi Gudgeon). In one scene after another, Kyiera Stone evades the Forces of Evil, slices and dices the bad guys, and does all she can to do what God wants her to do; eliminate Reggie Sparks and his buddies.

Black Mamba International Trailer 

Black Mamba

When a woman is killed by corrupt cops, she is reincarnated as an assassin charged with destroying those who killed her and her friends.

More Exclusive Stills from Black Mamba: 

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  1. Thanks for the great review of our film! We can’t wait for the audiences to enjoy it as much as we did making “Black Mamba!”

    -Doug Whitlatch
    Supervising Producer of Black Mamba


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