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Herman Jones Online Horror Series


Season Premiere: May 1st, 2018

“Herman Jones,” a new horror thriller from the creator of “The Lumber Baron of Jasper County,” launches its nine-episode first season.

Episodes are available

The series deals with Herman Jones, a quiet man who struggles to control his hallucinations with medication. But when a twisted cult called the Children of the New Dawn tries to recruit Herman, it sets off a deadly chain of events. Soon Herman must give in to his violent impulses to protect himself and the ones he loves.

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Starring: Joshua Haire, Amber Erwin, Dave Watkins, Grant Garlinghouse, Robert McMullen, Krissy Notes, Patrick Lemon, J. R. Francis, Katie Hahn, Muretta Moss

Also Starring: Joseph Lavender, Rebecca Barnes, Whitney Sullins, Pamela Deritis, Xavilaine Hincapie, Robyn Hensley, Rusty Smith, Troy Halverson, Nate Hill, Colton Sanborn, Jordan Price, Rikki Champagne, Ali Astigo

Created by Dave R. Watkins and Nate Hill

Written by Dave R. Watkins and Nate Hill

Produced & Directed by Dave R. Watkins

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