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Valhalla Lights New Album “My Gracious Highway” Out Today – Streaming in Full via Decibel Magazine

Australian Stoner Rockers Valhalla Lights have released their debut album “My Gracious Highway”today in North America.  Decibel Magazineis hosting a full album stream of the new album, which can be heard HERE.
Valhalla Lights hail from the beautiful township of Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia, a small surfing community and a place that is at the center of an extinct volcano and is known for its natural fresh air, stunning beaches, rich volcanic soil and dramatic landscape that has been gouged out by hot molten lava…
“My Gracious Highway” is available for purchase HERE.
Valhalla Lights is all about quality vintage instruments and tube driven amps played at high volume, catchy riffs that stick in the mind, thumping drums and crashing cymbals, all put together to create a wall of sound…  and powerful and melodic vocals cutting through to sit over the top.  Get a glimpse of the band live HERE.
Valhalla Lights music can be summed up as. being… explosive, hard edged melodic rock… something that you might even call…   Volcanic Rock!
For more on Valhalla Lights, check out the amazing documentary, “Shades of Black” – the Valhalla Lights Story (2015) – was a finalist at the Salt Lake International Film Festival, and tells the story surrounding the tragic death of Valhalla Lights’ first vocalist, Phoebe Black, and how the band posthumously recorded their debut album, “Krypton” (2015) after the vocalist’s death. The documentary sets the scene of how Ange Saul joins the band and starts working on the bands second album, “My Gracious Highway”(2018). This documentary is a must watch, it is brutally heavy, extremely intense, tragically sad and shows the dedication that this band have to honoring a fallen bandmate, and the determination they have to carrying on the Valhalla Lights music.
“My Gracious Highway” Track Listing:
1. Rise Above
2. Opposite Sides
3. World on Fire
4. Escape to Silence
5. Hammer the Witch
6. Beautiful
7. The One
8. Darker Side of Love
9. Someday
10. Running
11. Crucify
12. Shadows
13. Punk

Valhalla Lights… are Ange Saul (vocals), George Christie (guitar), Brent “Badger” Crysell (bass) Deon Driver (drums).
Download Hi-Res Materials HERE.
View the Valhalla Lights EPK HERE.
For More Info Visit:

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