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HNN L.A. Area Representative Needed now!

Live in LA, or near the area?
This is your big chance to attend all the cool horror related events coming down the pipe.

HNN (Horrornews.net) is looking for 1-2 persons who first live in the area, and 2nd wouldn’t mind seeing a free premiere every so often to review on the site?

Not only that but, we have alot of inquiries for events, conventions, and get-togethers we could thrown your way. If your ambitious, this could include live events, Q &A sessions, haunted events, interviews and quite frankly alot of opportunities most wound love to have!

To make this easier we are looking for 1-2 inquiries to take on these assignments.
This is an unpaid gig, but really you’ll get alot out of just being a part of the horror community and its many events representing HNN.

We are looking specifically for people who live in this area, as most of the inquiries we get are centered in L. A., Hollywood and the surrounding s areas (We prefer to have 2 on hand for events that the other can’t make it to)

If you are down with giving this a go, please contact HNN’s general manager Mike Joy directly at:

Please introduce yourself, your interest, your background (if any) and we’ll work on getting your started with stuff


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