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Bob Golub is a Stand-Up Comedian Turned Deranged Killer in Docu-style Horror/Comedy Die Laughing

Terror Films will be releasing the dark, docu-style horror/comedy, Die Laughing. The launch will take place across major digital platforms – on Friday, September 15.

The film centers around real life actor and stand-up comedian Bob Golub. After serving a two-year prison sentence for dealing cocaine, Golub began his stand-up routine in the ‘80s. His edgy and profane comedy style earned him featured roles in films such as Goodfellas (with Ray Liotta & Robert De Niro) and Art School Confidential (with John Malkovich and Steve Buscemi), among others.

In Die Laughing, Golub plays himself, a comedian who is great at killing a crowd with his jokes…and with his hands.  After answering an online advert’ placed by a filmmaker searching for people who have committed an actual homicide, Golub responds. Insanity and murder ensue as we get an inside look at this funny guy’s demented, murderous, and darkly comedic world.

Die Laughing is an improvised work from the minds of Golub and his filmmaking partner-in-crime, Mark Mannschreck. Inspired by the likes of the cult hit Man Bites Dog, this pseudo-documentary was shot over many months on the road, with Golub using a single camera in a raw, cinéma vérité style.

In their ongoing effort to bring the best and most diverse indie horror content to the masses, Terror Films will release this film across multiple digital platforms. Platforms include: iTunes, Amazon Instant/Prime, Google Play/You Tube, X-Box Live and many others.  The release begins with North America and will be followed by a worldwide digital release on iFlix.

The genre distributor has released two clips. The clips are titled “Your dog sh** in my yard” and “Now you know what I do” Stills are also available. Look for the official trailer and poster to be released next week prior to the release date.

For more information on Terror Films, visit: www.terrorfilms.net

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