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Who the Hell is JD Scribbleline? New Houston-based Web series to Premiere Memorial Day

 Gator Boy Films and Rohn Video Production are proud to announce the premiere of their newest web series, Who the Hell is JD Scribbleline?  The series will premiere on the Gator Boy Films’ YouTube page May 29th, 2017.  The series is based on the cult film of the same name that was released in 2010.  JD Scribbleline is the most famous private eye in Houston.  When the police can’t help, he’s the only man you can turn to.  In his new series, JD navigates the corrupt city streets of Houston, trying to bring justice wherever he goes.

In their glowing review of the original feature, Filmthreat.com said, “the film is a feast for foppish-detective-enthusiasts everywhere.”  Joshua Rohn, director and co-creator of both the film and the new series, says, “We’re very proud of the original film.  However, we felt like the character would work better in short skits instead of as a feature.  What I like best about the new series is you can watch it in order and get the overall story, or just enjoy an individual episode on its own.”  Co-creator Stephen Reagin says, “I really like the style of comedy the show is able to produce.

It combines slapstick and absurdism with a nice bit of dark humor.”  Co-star David Kelly adds, “Perhaps my favorite thing about the series was the chance to feature Houston landmarks and use local talent.”

For additional information about the series and Gator Boy Films other projects, visit gatorboyfilms.com or visit their YouTube channel at  There you will find a trailer and outtakes from the series. 

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