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Book Review: Little Lucy – Author R.J. Daniels

Little Lucy
By R.J. Daniels
Crimson Point Publishing

220 Pages

Lucy is not your ordinary everyday ten year old girl. Struggling with the untimely passing of her parents her sole care is provided by Nanny Marta. Knowing all too well there is something very different about herself, Lucy soon discovers the extent of her individuality while on a camping trip with her sister Claire and a group of her friends. Will Lucy’s quirks and idiosyncrasies be enough to surpass all adversity thrown their way or will she forever simply succumb to the moniker Little Lucy?

I’m never ceased to be intrigued by the prose of author endeavors I’ve charted for the first time reading voyage. R. J. Daniels has a most unique style that upon initial glance raised some depth of concern. The narrative and descriptive tense may come across as borderline over indulgent at first.

While there’s no arguing this talented writer paints a most vivid, compelling picture the path in which is chosen to get to the destination may come across as a little too wordy or at times redundant. My primary concern is that Daniels may be limited the potential mass market by frustrating readers with a limited attention span. On one page in particular, out of sheer morbid curiosity I’d counted the word ‘literally’ three times. As a result the execution can be perceived as awkward, clumsy and at times redundant. There’s an old expression that goes something to the effect through paraphrase, ‘kill the adverbs.’ Daniels is more than capable of illustrating resonating, impactful points without the excess flourish. I’m confident this writer will come well into their own style with the more endeavors undertaken.

In terms of actual content in plot development Daniels manages to lure the audience flawlessly with a brief prelude and promise of a legacy/who dunnit type of subtext. As a result the readership is engaged instantly is on edge to discover just how Lucy had become so different and what possible tribulation may lie ahead. The majority of readers will rip through the pages to unveil what happens next.

Descriptions within the scenes embody each of the senses placing the reader directly into the fray of action. No easy feat, this author manages to beckon each of our points of awareness forever suspending the plausibility factor in this expose. Accents such as sense of smell create a virtual depiction of reality all around, heightening a sense of empathy for each of the lead protagonists.

Some frequent shift from present tense to a fair amount of exposition creates a touch of murkiness to the plot escalation and hinders the movement along yet only on a minute level. Peering into the past appears to be a necessary evil at times in order to fully set up the payoff in the present. Readers will not be disappointed as the delivery is heighted with maximum impact.

The camping trip setting on surface is a touch cliché but once again a small diversion into a backdrop with unlimited possibilities will keep readers begging for more. Plenty of opportunities are harnessed as a result. The readership will swiftly read on and live vicariously through each of these scenes.

While still on campus some of the classroom scenes provide levity and a break in the sense of foreboding unease prior to the trip. It’s never a bad thing to beckon readers to distract their pace and ultimately let down their guard. The scare tactics often come in spades and this author seems to have a firm grip on how to engage the audience on a subconscious level.

Dialogue between the characters is compelling and we don’t really second guess the authenticity of how each communicates with one another. The exchange between Claire and her younger sister is endearing and many readers will digress through their talks. Little Lucy is easily a tale that would translate twenty years ago or twenty years from now. Daniels manages to cement a gripping tale that can appeal to a large market regardless of the era.

The love triangle between Claire, Zit and Aaron provides interesting subtext. Suckers for a romantic overture will rejoice in the physical tension, forever chanting for the underdog. Again on a subconscious level we place ourselves in the shoes of the protagonist and vie for all adversity to crumble in the end.

The heightened climax comes from out of nowhere and is far from the predictable. One does not have to be a fan of solely suspense, teen angst or lycan subgenres to get a full appreciation of Little Lucy. Rest assured there is a little something for everyone in this gratifying novel. I would most definitely take another voyage with R.J. Daniels at the helm. I look forward to witnessing the style continue to flourish and enchanting readers for years to come.

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