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Interview: Rachel Belofsky (Screamfest Founder)

rachel-belofsky-screamfest-founder-1SCREAMFEST has started and will run until 10/27/2016

Tell us about SCREAMFEST and what you are expecting this year?

Rachel – This is year sixteen for us. We have an interesting film that was directed by a teenager. He was fifteen when he began filming and sixteen when it wrapped. It is called “Therapy.” It is kind of interesting to see a future young filmmaker out there.

What type of challenges do you face doing the festival?

Rachel – I guess it is always having to narrow down the films. We get tons of submissions.

What advice would you offer to directors/writers etc. who would want to become involved with the festival but may be hesitant?

Rachel- My advice to anyone who may want to go out and do a feature or a short film is do your homework first. Don’t just grab the camera and throw a movie together because it is not going to end well.

What do you want to say to the fans and the people that will be attending SCREAMFEST?

Rachel – I’m looking forward to them coming to the festival and enjoying the films this year. There is something for everybody. There is the eclectic, short films, 3D films, foreign films, slasher films, dark comedy, supernatural film, and thrillers. There is something for everybody.


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