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New film BRIDES OF SATAN First Scene Preview


Mary and Charlie, a young couple in love, who are recently engaged with a baby on the way. During Charlie’s surprise birthday party at a local strip club the lovers are abducted by a gang of demented stripers: Sidnee, Zoe, and Bri, infamously known as the satanic social club “Brides of Satan”. The young couple are muscled into a car and dragged out into the dark night. They awaken in a barren and secluded stretch of desert.

The deranged satanic girls torment and tease Charlie and Mary with a “surprise bachelor party” which gets out of hand. Sidnee, the leader of the gang, unexpectedly executes the couple and orders the group to flee the scene.

Left for dead, Mary slips into a dream-like state where she has blissful hallucinations and terrifying images of loved ones being devoured by witches and demons.

Meanwhile, the Brides hide out in a seedy bar in a remote area known as the wasteland, a haven for outlaws, criminals, and gangsters.

Like Lazarus out of biblical scripture, Mary rises from the grave and is rescued by a grizzled old man, Lenny Lester, and his dog, Rufus. Lenny takes her in to his dilapidated trailer and nurses her back to health with the help of Lenny’s daughter, Luna. For a number of days, Lenny, Luna, and Mary share the shelter of the meager trailer in the middle of nowhere while forming a strong bond and a vow to destroy the Brides of Satan in an ultimate battle between good and evil

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