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GG Allin custom emojis by Emoji Fame

GG Allin custom emojis by Emoji Fame
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A new set of GG ALLIN custom emojis is now available via Emoji Fame, the go-to company specializing in making emoji sets for musicians. Thus far, the artist emoji space has been dominated by hip-hop and EDM acts, GG’s set is one of the first punk rock available.

“Love him or hate him, GG Allin is an icon,” said Gavin Rhodes, co-founder of Emoji Fame. “The process of distilling GG into emojis was equal parts revolting and exhilarating, which I think is a good way to sum up his persona. The emojis we created for him reflect that duality.”

The set, jointly developed between Emoji Fame, Merle Allin, and collectibles company Aggronautix, is a rogues’ galley of multiple eras of both GG and the Murder Junkies; there’s a bloody, jockstrap-only GG; a no-eyebrows, fascist-stached Merle, and a pretty vacant Dino the Naked Drummer. Perhaps more exciting are the everyday objects you’ve always wished existed in emoji form: a turkey baster, a dirty toilet, a burning bible, and many more GG delights.

“It was fun to think back and develop the imagery relating to GG and his legacy,” said Merle. “These emojis are for you sick f**ks who want to keep GG and his scumfuc tradition alive… Keep spreading the disease.”

The emoji set is available starting today at itunes.emojifame.com

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