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Zell-Koj Studio Presents DARK FOREST Feature Film


After a successful Canadian theatrical run, Zell-Koj Studio’s debut film Dark Forest makes its worldwide premiere. !An 80s inspired minimalistic slasher film, it pays homage to the genre in look, style and sound. !The film is now available on Amazon Prime and Google Play with iTunes soon to follow.

Amazon Prime:
Google Play:

“Emily is in a abusive relationship with her boyfriend Peter. Her best friends Michelle, Jo-lene, and Francine plan a camping trip and she sneaks off with them for the weekend. Peter is furious and searches the woods for his girlfriend, killing anyone who stands in his way.”

!Zell-Koj Studio is an all-encompassing Film / TV production company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is comprised of filmmakers: David Zellis, Craig Guiboche, and Shelly Anthis. Dark Forest is their debut feature film.

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