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Home | Film Review: A Tricky Treat (short film) (2015)

Film Review: A Tricky Treat (short film) (2015)



A man is kidnapped on Halloween night by a very strange family and his fate lies in the hands of the two children.


More short films! Today we have  A TRICKY TREAT, written by Kamal John Iskander and directed by Patricia Chica.

SHORT-FILM---A-TRICKY-TREAT-2015-movie-(6) SHORT-FILM---A-TRICKY-TREAT-2015-movie-(1)

So I swiped this next paragraph from IMDB, since it tells you everything you need to know about the director -“Patricia Chica is a 35-time award-winning film and television director, producer, and editor who specializes in world-class productions in the genre of psychological dramas, thrillers, and edgy documentaries. Since the beginning of her career in the 1990’s, Patricia has directed, produced, and/or edited over 50 hours of programming aimed at the international film and television markets, including content for Sony, Showtime, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Oxygen, Animal Planet, Showcase, CBC, ARTV, and Bravo! Canada just to name a few.”

Oh yea. Some real clout behind this short, which is a short and sweet tale of Halloween tradition and horror that I can’t tell you anything about with out spoiling it.

SHORT-FILM---A-TRICKY-TREAT-2015-movie-(2) SHORT-FILM---A-TRICKY-TREAT-2015-movie-(3) SHORT-FILM---A-TRICKY-TREAT-2015-movie-(4)

I will talk about the special effects. A large effects crew, under the direction of Danny McCarthy and Danny Garcia, have created some really advanced effects for this short. It looks great! And I can’t say much else.

There is a “special thanks” credit to the Soska Sisters, so take that for what it’s worth.

So using my special short scale of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 4 candles.


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