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Los Bastardz Productions and Retro Rad present the star-studded UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE, featuring Robert Englund (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), William Forsythe (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, RAISING ARIZONA), Ernie Hudson (GHOSTBUSTERS, OZ), Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN, HATCHET 2), Jim O’Rear (THE HOSPITAL, DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT 2), Bryan Wilson (ROBODOC, RESURRECTION), Tony Todd (CANDYMAN, 24), Billy Drago (THE UNTOUCHABLES), Cerina Vincent (CABIN FEVER, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE), Mel Tillis (CANNONBALL RUN), and many more, on limited-edition steelbook Blu-ray, DVD, and regular Blu-ray May 10th through Legless Corpse Films.

In 1990, long before the geek popularity of “The Big Bang Theory,” a television series was born that was unlike anything the world had yet seen. Created by Jim O’Rear and co-produced by Bryan Wilson, UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT captured the planet in its grip weekly, introducing humankind to new fandom pleasures, experiences, and freedoms; while at the same time shaking up and defying censorship laws at every turn.

Now, twenty-plus years after its television debut, UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT returns with an all-star cast as a hilarious, irreverent feature-length MOCK-umentary that chronicles the creation and eventual demise of an award-winning, ground-breaking icon in television entertainment.

UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT: THE MOVIE is the incredible true story of the little television show that influenced everything and changed the world.

Critics say:

“A well-made gourmet of geek culture that will make even the most jaded fanboy giggle. Entertaining from beginning to end! Bryan and Jim are all of us!

— Ain’t It Cool News

“The funniest movie of its kind since THIS IS SPINAL TAP, except this is real!”

— Macabre Mansion

“I laughed my ass off!”

— Indie Press

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