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DMR Launches Two OTT Channels


Digital Media Rights (DMR) announced today the relaunch of two popular over-the-top channels featuring new branding and a 75% increase in new content.  Midnight Pulp is a popular over-the-top channel featuring highly curated genre films and television programs specializing in horror, cult, paranormal, sci-fi and action.  Asian Crush is a popular over-the-top channel featuring one of the largest selections of Asian movies and television programs, all subtitled in English.

“Our early beta of Midnight Pulp and Asian Crush proved there was a strong and passionate audience for popular niche programming, said Michael Hong, CEO and Co-Founder, Digital Media Rights.  “Given this strong audience base, we signed many additional content licensing deals to expand the content offerings for each of these channels, and to position them as top destinations for genre and Asian entertainment, respectively.”

More than 300 titles are available for streaming on each channel.  A package of new titles will be programmed each week.  Both channels will be available to consumers on a hybrid model.  Consumers can choose to view the channel for free or with a premium subscription.  Registered users can watch videos for free with commercials while premium subscribers can access the entire selection of titles without commercials, in addition to early releases, director’s cuts and bonus features.  Premium subscription pricing starts at $4.99 a month for each channel.  The company also has plans to rollout 3 additional OTT channels by this summer.

“As audience viewing habits have evolved, it was an important step for us to develop our own OTT channels across a range of devices,” said David Chu, President and Co-Founder, Digital Media Rights.  “By expanding beyond our core aggregation business, the excitement now begins on building our brands in the marketplace.”

Watch Midnight Pulp at www.midnightpulp.com.

Watch Asian Crush at www.asiancrush.com.

Digital Media Rights is an example of a next-generation media company.  The company’s co-founders self-funded the launch of the company in 2010 with a low six-figure amount eschewing traditional venture capital.  Digital Media Rights has been operating primarily in stealth mode to date, and has grown organically with a current team of 20 employees.

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