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Trailer for Small Town Monsters’ “Whitehall” Bigfoot Film Released


August, 1976: Three teens driving on an isolated stretch of road somewhere in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York have a brush with a bizarre creature. Standing over 7 feet tall and covered in hair, they referred to it as a “beast”.  Hours later, Abair Road was crawling with local and state police. Many of them recounted seeing the creature, as well.

As the weeks and months passed more individuals came forward with their own sightings. The “Abair Incident” became the impetus for a rash of sightings around the town of Whitehall that continue to this day. Today, Whitehall is frequently referred to as “the Bigfoot Capitol of the East Coast”.

Beast of Whitehall is part of a series of films called “Small Town Monsters” that focus on creatures unknown to science that become part of the lore and legend of rural communities. The first film in the series, Minerva Monster, is already available for purchase. Following Beast of Whitehall, Breedlove and company will release Boggy Creek Monster. That film will be funded through Kickstarter and one of the rewards for backing Boggy Creek Monster will be access to Beast of Whitehall a full month before it’s official release next April, 2016.

In addition to the ’76, Abair Road Incident, we’ll also get an in-depth look at the bizarre history of upright-walking, hair covered “monster” sightings that permeate the Adirondacks in general. New sightings will be spotlighted as well, including one couple who believe they have a family of Sasquatches living on their property just 50 miles outside of Whitehall.

The film was directed, shot and edited by Seth Breedlove and produced by Brandon Dalo (who also did the soundtrack) with additional assistance on the production from Zac Palmisano and Ronnie Breedlove.

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