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Jessica Cameron’s MANIA to Premiere at Arizona Underground Film Festival

MANIA Grindhouse vMANIA, the second feature film to be directed by Scream Queen Jessica Cameron, is going to have it’s premiere at the acclaimed Arizona Underground Film festival on Friday September 18th. Here’s the full press release:

Director Jessica Cameron’s highly anticipated second feature film Mania is set to repeat history when it holds its world premiere at The Arizona Underground Film Festival on Friday September 18th, the same festival that premiered Cameron’s popular and critically acclaimed first feature film Truth or Dare, which won best feature there in 2013.

Jessica Cameron is very excited to return to Arizona and launch what is sure to be another incredibly successful festival run. Cameron will be in attendance, as will writer and executive producer Jonathan Higgins. The two will hold a Q&A after the screening.

Mania is about two lesbian lovers who are forced to flee their hometown after a brutal murder changes their lives. The film was shot as part of the project Kill the PA, in which Jessica Cameron, Jonathan Higgins, and eight other filmmakers traveled across the country in an RV shooting two narrative features and a documentary along the way.

Mania is produced by Mem Ferda, who also produced Jessica Cameron’s Truth or Dare. “Mania is a different, fresh, and alarming film that draws from the sexual anxieties of early Cronenberg,” says Ferda. “I am thrilled to have Jessica Cameron as my director and to be working with her again. With Mania Cameron delivers a sexy horror film, which shocks without resorting to cheap scares.”

While Truth or Dare created controversy because of its intense scenes of violence and extreme gore, Mania is set to create controversy and challenge audiences with its graphic nudity and realistic depiction of lesbian sex. Mania is unrated, but the film is not recommended for children, prudes, or the easily offended.

Tickets can be purchased at the festival website.

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