Film Review: Lolita Vibrator Torture (1987)


SYNOPSIS: In her search for a missing friend, a young student crosses paths with a private detective who offers his services. Once her guard is down he is able to abduct her, and she wakes up in his lair – a shipping container on the back of a truck perched atop a tall building in Tokyo. It turns out that his main preoccupation is photography, and Kozue is his latest subject. Usually, after molesting his … Continue reading

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Film Review: Splatter Naked Blood (Nekeddo burâddo: Megyaku) (1995) – CAT III


SYNOPSIS: A scientist named Eiji has developed a new chemical called ‘MySon’ that can turn pain into pleasure. He decides to put three girls who attend the experiment held by Eiji’s mother in the test. Meanwhile, Eiji has a crush on one of the girls, Rika. ‘MySon’ influences the girls gradually. The gluttonous woman wishes to have the best food in the world, but she ends up eating herself. The vain woman wishes to have … Continue reading

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