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Trailer: The Houses October Built
Trailer: Centurion (2010) Bloody Featurette
Trailer: The Snowtown Murders (2012) Theatrical
Trailer: Happy Town TV Series (2010)
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Kosovo Welcomes First Horror Feature KATUNAR


Director Dion Ventress risks travels to Kosovo, to bring you the historic first ever horror movie to be shot in the country, KATUNAR (the word is an Albanian slang which in English means “Hillbilly”or “Villager”.

Kosovo might be known for war and strife, but Ventress plans to change the just over 5 year old country with an Albanian/English feature film which will have the Republic of Kosovo known more for presenting a popcorn … Continue reading

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HOUSED Mockumentary Web Series Launches


A horror/comedy/mockumentary about a group of college students trapped together during the apocalypse, trying to figure out how to survive… each other.

Episodes, information, and news can be found at our website,

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What Stills Lie Within WITCH GRAVYEARD? Find Out


Writer/Director Reuben Rox is back with the sequel to his 2013 indie effort Witch Graveyard.

When TV reporter Noelle Martin and her assistant Maya need to find a good story to broadcast for their segment on Halloween, they venture deep into the woods and cemetery where rumour has it: the bodies of a suspected coven were laid to rest.

Starring Catherine Franklin (Day of a Thousand Screams), Rachel Wise (Loonies), Reuben Rox (Vampire Camp) and … Continue reading

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The Black Saint’s Ten Worst Films Of The Year – 2014


2014 hasn’t exactly been a banner year for horror films. As a matter of fact, I can safely say that it’s been one of the worst years for theatrical horror that I can remember. To compile a list of the worst films of the year was actually kind of hard since there were (In my opinion), so many films to choose from. But rather than pick on the low hanging fruit (AKA: Low budget films/Indies), … Continue reading


THE BEYOND – Grindhouse Releasing Champions This Classic to Bluray!


The seven dreaded gateways to hell are concealed in seven cursed places…
And on the day the gates of hell are opened, the dead will walk the earth!

From legendary Italian horror master Lucio Fulci comes the ultimate classic of supernatural terror. A cursed hotel, built over one of the seven gateways to hell, becomes a malevolent abyss that begins devouring both the bodies and the souls of all who enter in a graphic … Continue reading

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Find Out Now Why THE GHOST IS A LIE!


It’s been a long and windy road, but The Ghost is a Lie is ready! Before we point the way, here’s an explanation of how things will play out:

The delivery mechanism has been amended and the Ghost is a Lie is now categorized as “Transmedia Interactive Storytelling.” What that means is that the story will unfold in various formats, from videos to websites to live interactions, allowing “viewers” to either passively OR … Continue reading

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Trailer: The Houses October Built



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CONtv Launching in 2015


Multi Platform Network CONtv Announces Extensive Portfolio Of Film And Television Programming

Cinedigm and Wizard World To Launch CONtv In Early 2015 With Broad Array Of Curated Content

(Los Angeles, CA) December 11, 2014 – CONtv today announced an expansive portfolio of acquired film and television content that will be available on the new digital network. Launching in early 2015, the direct-to-consumer digital service geared specifically for fans in the Comic Con community, will … Continue reading

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Film Review: Collar (2014)



A rookie cop starts her shift like any other but soon it will all change for the worse. A derelict with a reputation of satanic violence, attacks the officer and collars her with a dog leash which is just the start of his abusive ritual.


If you’ve seen anything by writer/director Ryan Nicholson (for example, maybe Live Feed, or Continue reading

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Top 10 Scariest Witches in Film


Ah, we love em, we hate em…those nasty spell-casting witches of film. Witches of cinema are figures we came to know very quickly in life. Most of us got our first dose with the all-too-familiar movie, “Wizard of Oz”. This inclusion was taken even further as we started to see more witches pop up in horror and fantasy-themed films. When we took on the task of a “top 10 witches list” we also discovered that … Continue reading

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Ludovico Technique Releases “Deeper Into You” Music Video


Orlando, Florida based Dark Electronic band Ludovico Technique have released their “Deeper Into You” music video. The track comes from their album “Some Things Are Beyond Therapy” (Metropolis Records).

Check Out Ludovico Technique’s “Deeper Into You” Music Video:

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Film Review: The House at the End of Time (2013)



Dulce is a mother who has encounters with apparitions in her old house, where it unleashes a terrible prophecy. Thirty years later, turned into an old woman, she returns home to unravel the mystery and tragedy that has tantalized her


Director & Writer: Alejandro Hidalgo
Stars: Ruddy Rodriguez, Rosmel Bustamante, Adriana Calzadilla, Simona Chirinos

The House at the End of Time is a marvellous film that puts a fresh twist on … Continue reading

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Resurrecting the Slasher Genre – Advance Stills for SIN


Slasher film genre is resurrected in Sin

A murderous Archangel is on the loose in Sin, a modern slasher film being produced by Nathan Seals Productions with help from horror genre fans.

Sin is a slasher horror film that will slice, chop, and burn its way into your mind.

The story follows a sheriff who is trying to uncover the murder of a young woman in a small farm town, only to discover that the … Continue reading

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3rd Installment V/H/S: VIRAL Completes Horror Trilogy

The third installment of the highly anticipated horror sensation, V/H/S: VIRAL, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD February 17 from Magnolia Home Entertainment under the Magnet Label. Written and directed by a stunning collection of terror masterminds including Academy AwardÂź nominee Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, The ABCs of Death), Marcel Sarmiento (The ABCs of Death, Deadgirl), Justin Benson (Resolution, Spring), Aaron Moorhead (Resolution, A Glaring Emission) and Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead), V/H/S: VIRAL “is a magnificent collection of horror shorts from both established … Continue reading

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Horror Art: Aldo Requena



Aldo Requena, also renowned as “Valgorth” is an Argentinian creator with a passion for art, designs, coding and digital media. He specializes in the creation of characters, creatures and artwork with macabre, sci-fi or surreal themes. His breakthrough came in 2005, producing the cover art for the German heavy metal band ‘Paragon’. Since then he has created covers, album art, character designs, graphic art and been involved with web design and branding for various … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Dead Undead (2010)



A group of twenty-something’s find themselves caught in a war between an army of vampires and another group of animalistic zombie vampires.

Director: Matthew Anderson, Edward Conna
Starring: Luke Goss, Matthew Anderson, Laura Kenley, Vernon Wells

Our movie starts out with a group of young people who want to spend some time partying and having a good time. After their car breaks down they find themselves at what appears … Continue reading

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Film Review: Skinless (2013)



Oncologist Peter Peel discovers a possible cure for cancer in an exotic parasite. When he tests his cure on himself, a monster is born.


Skinless (aka The Ballad of Skinless Pete) is a movie that really surprised me with how much I liked it. It’s not that I expected it to be bad, and it’s not like I haven’t enjoyed previous work by director Dustin Mills (Her Name Was … Continue reading

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Film Review: What We Do In The Shadows (2014)


Meet Viago, Deacon, Petyr and Vladislav – three flatmates who are just trying to get by and overcome life’s obstacles – like being immortal vampires who must feast on human blood. Hundreds of years old, the vampires are finding that beyond sunlight catastrophes, hitting the main artery, and not being able to get a sense of their wardrobe without a reflection, modern society has them struggling with the mundane like paying rent, … Continue reading

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Grab a Seat ROADSIDE for New Suspense Title


LOS ANGELES (December XX, 2014) – Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, has acquired all US rights to the action thriller ROADSIDE. Written and directed by Eric England (Madison County, Contracted), the film stars Ace Marrero (“Scorpion,” “Body of Proof”), Katie Stegeman (Madison County, Contracted), Lionel D. Carson (“The Unit”) and Jack E. Curenton (“Tim and Eric Awesome Show”).  Mark Ward, RLJ Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Acquisitions for the Image brands, made the announcement today.

“The suspense and timing of the … Continue reading

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NEKROMANTIK Original Motion Picture Soundtrack New Details!


One Way Static Records is really proud to bring you their latest release, A release where we had the chance to work with iconic director and writer Jörg Buttgereit!
Today we present to you the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Jörg Buttgereit’s 1987 ‘NEKROMANTIK’ composed & performed by DAKTARI LORENZ, JOHN BOY WALTON & HERMANN KOPP.

The Nekromantik score displays the dynamic ability and range of the composers. It strikes a perfect balance of … Continue reading

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HACKIN’ JACK vs. the CHAINSAW CHICK 3D Selected as Spotlight Attraction


Hot on the heels of being selected as the opening night horror film at the 7th annual 3D FILM FESTIVAL, HACKIN’ JACK vs. the CHAINSAW CHICK 3D has been selected as the spotlight attraction at the 11th annual 3D MOVIE FESTIVAL.

The 3D MOVIE FESTIVAL is being presented by the Los Angeles 3D Club in conjunction with the Downtown Independent Theater whose mission is to highlight the best independent 3D filmmakers from around the world. … Continue reading

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