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Is Youtube in on a Horror Trailer Scam?….You be the Judge

This new article came over today from one of our veteran writers for HorrorNews.net DR Blood. Upon closer inspection, I believe it warrants some attention for the reasons mentioned. As most of us “Horror sites” have experienced maybe once, twice, or our case multiple times, Youtube has a pretty strict policy of NOT accommodating the storage of horror movie trailers. Not ALL mind you by any means (which is evident by the movie trailers you can still find in searches).

However to clarify the usual situation…say you start a Youtube channel titled “horrormovietrailers” (or something of that nature). Then you populate the channel with 50 trailers, so that you can embed the links on your own site. It’s pretty definite that over the course of days or weeks, some of those titles will get flagged automatically as a violation. 3 violations and your account gets canceled.

Sure, you can get on the horse and start a new account with a new email, but what’s the point? The damage comes in all those embeds on your site that no longer work. Smarter sites have long abandoned this method and moved on to their own hosted video servers (this way if a studio has an issue, they can address you directly and not thru some faceless mega-empire channel)

In this recent article we received, it does raise some concern on how this Youtube channel has slipped under the radar AND been able to keep a monetized Youtube partner site without termination? Our concern (HNN) is not directed at the “Horror Nymphs” operation itself, but the suspicious favoritism that has deemed Youtube to look the other way? Does this suggest that YT has allowed one to slip thru to ALSO monetize their followers advertising returns? Certianly 180,822,709 trailer hits would funnel a percentage of the return into the YT organization itself…

Conspiracy theory?…..well maybe that’s a bit much, but curious none-the-less….

enuff said…on to the article:


As a horror blogger who watches and embeds a lot YouTube trailers, one channel on YouTube comes up more than any other: “The Horror Nymphs” – http://youtube.com/user/horrornymphs

As much as I’ve appreciated their trailers, I always thought it was odd that they could upload so many trailers without getting their account deleted for copyright infringement. If a normal user was to even upload one trailer, the chances are that they would at least get a strike on their account. With so many trailers on “The Horror Nymphs” channel, why is it still up?

I was curious. So I started checking around. On their YouTube channel, they claim to be “three scream queens named Megan, Stacey and Lindsay”. Who are they though ? What movies have they been in to earn that title? What do they look like? No-one knows.

Well, they have 154,000 likes on Facebook which puts them in the uber celebrity range so they must have been in something? Are there any videos of them on there? Nope. It’s trailers and pictures from recognizable horror movies.

The only full name which comes up in a search is from their Google+ account – Megan Nym – https://plus.google.com/104804540007129639068/posts – and according to the IMDb, nobody has ever heard of her. She’s not listed. She’s not a scream queen, an actress or anything. She doesn’t even write reviews.

Back to YouTube and “The Horror Nymphs” 180,822,709 page views which ranks them in the same league as veteran YouTube entertainers such as iJustine and Shane Dawson rather than users who created their account in 2010, their comments link is redirected to a Facebook/Twitter collating site which reposts their posts with, guess what? No comments on it! Whoever is behind this account does not want to get involved in conversation.

They also link their YouTube account to a Swedish site called www.getmehorror.com which pulls in news from all the big name horror sites including, HORRORNEWS.NET – nothing wrong with that since it’s an RSS feed and free, but they have no original content on it of their own. All they do is collect RSS feeds from horror sites and label them as news.  Anyone could set up the same on Blogger or WordPress, but it looks like they’ve paid for this space.

Interestingly, the corresponding YouTube account of “getmehorror” was terminated for multiple counts of copyright infringement, yet “getmehorror2” is still going and links back to “The Horror Nymphs” channel. Round and round we go.

They haven’t been quite so successful on Twitter. Only 89 followers have been stupid enough to follow them there while Pinterest gives them a measly 55. They are trying to be on every social network though because it’s MORE MONEY for them.

Yes, that’s the thing. THEY ARE MONETISED!! They aren’t uploading horror trailers for the fun of it, they have a YouTube partner account and it’s making them, according to Social Blade – http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/horrornymphs – $3,000 A DAY! That’s over $660,000 A YEAR and they’ve been doing this for two years!!!!  They’re millionaires! And people say there’s no money in horror anymore.

Basically, “The Horror Nymphs” are just some kind of YouTube monetising scam which seems to be above the law unless you own the copyright to any of their trailers. If you’ve ever tried to report an account on YouTube even when you know it’s a scam, you’ll know that it’s pretty much impossible to do so.

Stuff like this really annoys those of us who slave over writing new, reviews and other articles for, usually, nothing. If that isn’t bad enough. imagine how the filmmakers feel.

Whoever is behind “The Horror Nymphs” (unless it is secretly a distributor trying to fix which movies are allowed to get promotion) is making millions of dollars through doing NOTHING! They add NOTHING. They bring NOTHING to the table, but they are reaping the rewards.

Those thousands of YouTube and Facebook subscribers who keep watching their trailers let this happen and it sickens me.

Useful Links for this piece:


http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/horrornymphs PARTNER!

Megan Nym https://plus.google.com/104804540007129639068/posts


Dr Blood



In closing, we welcome any comments from the Youtube organization to clarify on this specific matter, so that readers have a fair understanding of what is marked as “within” and “outside” of Youtube policies. Our own experience would suggest that this falls “within” policy warranting immediate removals.

If policy has changed, this would also suggest that competing horror sites would also be allowed to monetized trailer content thru Youtube, thus opening the opportunity

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  1. Stuff like this still happens. I made a playlist – not a video, a playlist – of trailers for upcoming Horror movies (all official) and it was FLAGGED for inappropriate content, adding a strike to my account. It wasn’t gore p*rn, it wasn’t anything like that.

    But Youtube apparently reviewed the report and deemed it viable under the Community Guideline of “Real depictions of gore and violence”, even though the films are well known and completely fictional.

    Usually, when something like that happens, it’s someone with a grudge against your channel trying to get it shut down.


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