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‘Thou shall Not Kill…Except’ delayed in favor of Quality

Synapse bluray release “Thou shall Not Kill…Except’ has been pushed back a few weeks in favor of a more quality release. You can check out the details directly on the Synapse blog here. As reported,  the release was pushed back after receiving a less than satisfactory clean up job. The article is quite interesing in that in that it talks a bit about the process…much of which we as consumers are somehwat blind to.  In any case, its good to know that some companies really take the extra time to make sure the bluray upgrade is in fact that.  I worked in editing for a bit and know how easy it is these days to throw on a few filters to cleanup the details (grain and dirt). However, as demonstrated, there IS a point where the authenticity is ruined in the process.

For more info on the release, we’ve got the PR from Synapse:

DON MAY, JR, PRESIDENT OF SYNAPSE FILMS has gone back to the digital drawing board to remaster THOU SHALT NOT KILL… EXCEPT properly. Synapse had hired an unnamed company to handle the transfer which unfortunately sent back unusable files—unusuable at least by a company of the caliber of Synapse Films. The entire film has been re-remastered for the best possible transfer and the best possible release. The full story, written by Don, is available here:


Synapse Films proudly presents THOU SHALT NOT KILL… EXCEPT in an all-new 2K high-definition transfer from the original negative.  Directed by Josh Becker, this “must see” (Detroit Free Press) cult classic features many of the creative personnel responsible for THE EVIL DEAD, including co-writer Bruce Campbell, writer/producer Scott Spiegel (INTRUDER), composer Joseph LoDuca, and actor Ted Raimi. The new release date is APRIL 10, 2012.

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