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Dai Of The Dead – Femme Fatales Second Edition – Delphine LaLaurie

What twisted creatures women can be. Most believe that just because we pride ourselves on beauty and have the reputation of being the more delicate of the sexes, we can’t be as cruel and as vicious as men. But people who believe that must not have heard about our next subject. Delphine LaLaurie has earned her place into the Femme Fatales by way of either taking part in or being witness to some of the most brutal murders and unusually torturous behaviors in history. This is the stuff horror films strive to meet. Brought to life by author Suzi M., Delphine is one of the most interesting yet terrifying examples of the evil that can live in the hearts of women. Enjoy.

My name is Delphine LaLaurie and this is my story.

My reputation is that of a monster, but I assure you it is mostly vicious rumor. Mostly.
You see, what I was supposedly guilty of – the gross mistreatment of my servants – was only partially true. The alleged 100 slaves I was to have killed is an exaggeration. Only two bodies were found by the authorities.

What came to mar my reputation was in fact a series of new experiences introduced by my third husband, who was both a Libertine along the lines of the Marquis de Sade and a doctor. The cutting of our servants was solely my husband’s doing.

This is not to say I was innocent of all wrong-doing. From the time I was a girl in 17—until I married my first husband, a handsome military officer, I was described as not only beautiful, but was very popular in social circles wherever I traveled. My temper, while hidden, was terrible to behold, however.

When my first husband suggested we move to Spain so that he might further his military career, I protested bitterly. My Irish blood boiled as hotly as his Spanish blood, and he met with an unfortunate end. Naturally no one cast a suspicious eye in the direction of the beautiful, grieving widow and mother of his child.

My second husband also met with a sad end after an argument. Again, who would suspect the respectable widow and doting mother?

In 1825 I married my third husband, Dr. Leonard Louis Lalaurie, who introduced me to the ideals of the Marquis de Sade and the Libertine lifestyle. Sadly, I was not a masochist, nor was my husband, so we turned our attentions to our servants. Unfortunately one incident was witnessed wherein I beat one of our girls in the yard. Admittedly, my temper had gotten the better of me, and had the girl not run to the roof and fallen to her demise in an effort to escape the whip, I may well have thrashed her to death myself.

From then on, there were whispers throughout the community of my treatment in particular of our servants. The damned fools overlooked the fact that I had emancipated two of our servants over the years. Would a monster do such a kindness? I think not. I was not without heart, you see.

On the night of the fire that finally exposed my and my husband’s affinity for sadism, we had had a particularly strenuous session. Our cook watched in horror as my husband cut the skin from one of our women servants, peeling her in stripes. As the woman screamed, our cook ran to the kitchen to escape our wrath and threatened to go to the authorities.

As punishment for her insubordination, we chained her to the stove and threatened to burn her if she betrayed our secret. We never imagined the fool would flinch so from the hot coals we held toward her, or that she would slap at them the way she did! The embers caught upon the floor and soon our home was ablaze. My husband locked the servants’ quarters in order to hide our crimes, then vanished into the night leaving me to deal with the townspeople.

When it was discovered that we had mistreated our servants in such a way, the call for blood – my blood— rose high on the air. As if I would sit idly waiting to be hung or shot for the things I considered my husband most guilty of having done. I fled, leaving the mob screaming for vengeance.

In 1838 a homely little thing whom I will not mention here reported on the incident based solely on heresay, which I found extraordinarily ironic as the poor dear was mostly deaf. It was no wonder her writings based solely on rumor were so incorrect. Her book was well-read, however, and my fate as a monster was sealed. I had murdered 100 and more of my servants, I flayed them alive, I haunted the night searching for children, etc.

After the flames had been extinguished and the ashes settled, two of our victims were found in an old well on our property. One, admittedly, was the girl who had fallen to her death as a result of my ministrations of the whip. The other was a servant with whom my husband had had the misfortune of taking his games too far. We dumped the body down the well in the dead of night, wrapped in the bloody sheet from the bed to which he had chained him.
The evidence was damning to be sure, but the true beauty in all of it was that no one suspected me of my true crimes.

Leonard met with a convenient end, his last breath choked from him during our last act of love. I must confess it was the best-executed and most satisfying murder I had ever committed, and by far the easiest to accomplish. Don Ramon and Jean both perished via a lovely little poison I had discovered as a girl. Neither man was the wiser, each assuming he had contracted a virulent form of the latest disease to wipe out populations of the time.

Murder was always my preferred hobby.

Delphine LaLaurie 1775 – 1842

Written by author Suzi M.
Author bio: Suzi M writes for fun and occasionally profit. The
Immortal War Series – comprised of NEMESIS, LAMIA, and THE TOWER – can
be found in both print and Kindle formats.

In 2010, ten of Suzi’s short stories were published in the
international Cover Stories Euphictional Anthology.

Currently, Suzi is working on a several new projects set for release
in 2011.

When not busy with her own work or getting pictures and autographs of
people who recognize her on the street, Suzi helps support the efforts
of independent artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers.

You can follow her on Twitter @xirconnia or visit the Suzi M Facebook
fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suzi-M/54616181082
and find her Amazon.com profile at http://www.amazon.com/Suzi-M/e/B003TTLGP2/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

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  1. A few interesting facts about LaLaurie are that one time her slaves were taken from her due to her mistreatment of them. The state took them away but when they were put up for auction, her family bought them and returned them to her. Her crimes were finally discovered when her estate went up in flames. As people rushed in to look for anyone who may be in the house, they found two slaves chained to the stove. They had set the fire to gain attention from outside sources in order to be rescued. Upon further search of her house they found a room that can be best described as a torture chamber. Slaves were found with their eyes and mouths sewn shut and one was found disemboweled but still alive. Genitals had been removed, fingernails ripped out, hands sewn to their bodies, and one woman had her mouth stuffed with animal feces and her lips sewn shut to hold it in. These are just a few examples.
    She was quite the nasty little woman, wasn’t she?!


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