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Film Review: Garbage Man (2009)

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Step inside the twisted mind of Tom (James Meredith), an unassuming garbage collector by day and a cold-blooded serial killer by night. Unable to resist the powerful voices in his head, Tom can’t stop himself from stalking and slaughtering innocent female victims. During the filming of this horror movie, director Hart D. Fisher tragically lost his girlfriend, who perished at the hands of a real-life murderer.


When the majority of us watch films about serial killers, we are often looking for insight into a troubled and criminal mind of a person who can commit the most heinous of acts. But what happens when the person writing the script, developing the concepts, growing the characters, and directing the film is the one with the troubled mind? What happens is, you get GARBAGE MAN by Hart D. Fisher.

Garbage Man is the first film about a black serial killer who let’s loose on an unsuspecting city while keeping the guise of a meek and seemingly ordinary man who stays to himself and even works a city government job. His lust for blood doesn’t just stop with women, all human life is in jeopardy when he is needing to take out aggression, fulfill sexual desires, or just wants something someone else may have .To completely understand this film, you should have a good understanding of the man behind it. As shown in the introduction before the film starts, Hart Fisher opens up about the real life horrors he endured while making this film. He walks you down the sidewalks that he is used to inhabiting and takes you on a journey through his life at the time when GARBAGE MAN was being shot.

Just days into shooting, the love of his life Michelle was brutally raped and murdered by a black male shortly after seeing Harts father at her place of work. He stopped filming for a few days, just long enough to bury his love, but then went back to work on this movie. He was also being crucified in the press at this same time as one of the “most hated men in America” for writing and publishing the infamous Dahmer comic books about the murders committed by Jeffery Dahmer. He never spoke of his torment. He never opened up and said “Hey! I DO know what it’s like to lose a loved one”. He suffered silently and poured his anguish into this film and he spiraled out of control and into the depths of insanity. So when you sit down to watch this film, keep this in mind; You not only get a look into the deprived mind of a serial killer, you get a look into the tormented soul of a man who had no other outlet besides this piece of art.

Garbage Man was filmed back in the 90’s and is now just being released after many years of scrambling to get all of the pieces together. Fisher brings you into a gory, demented, and terrifying world of just how easy it is for these predators to stalk, capture, and murder their victims with ease and live out their darkest fantasies without being suspected. The movie really takes you into this spiral of madness and then gives you a glimpse of what made this killer tick.

Now, this was a low budget film, so if that isn’t your choice of film the not only are you missing out but you may not enjoy this one. The production value isn’t as strong as a lot of films that you will be seeing today but you have to keep in mind that this was made quite a few years ago and is true guerrilla type filmmaking. I appreciated it for its rawness because its not a polished turd that Crappywood keeps spitting out. The emotions are raw, the environment is raw, and the film keeps with that mode.

Another cool thing about the film is the choice and abundance of music. As a matter of fact, there is a secret special video on the special features that you can only see by picking up a copy of this film. Its back to the time when I was a kid with the loud, head banging, big hair, bone crushing metal sounds that helped shape the way I write music today. It makes you a little nostalgic for the good ol’ days when everywhere you went you could find a hot guy in his Camero wearing a Cannibal Corpse tee-shirt who’s logo was partially covered by the long wavy hair that was the height of badass-ness back then.

The actors all came out of Champagne, IL. Hart himself has a cameo at the end where they are in the club. He’s the bouncer that throws a guy out for stage diving. Also, the pizza delivery guy is actually jamming out to his own band that is playing on the radio.
There are a few really cool trivia moments in this film so watch out for those.

Final thoughts on this one is, this is one of the most original films of late, so go pick up your copy of The Garbage Man for a demented good time!

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