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Jaws 45th Anniversary Special Edition | HNN Giveaway

Jaws 45th Anniversary Special Edition | HNN Giveaway Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has partnered with HNN | Horrornews.net to giveaway a copy the Jaws 45th Anniversary Special Edition 4k Ultra HD | Available June 2nd, 2020 Enter to win Jaws 45th Anniversary Special Edition 4k Ultra HD by emailing joyhorror@msn.com with “Jaws45” in the subject line.  In the body of …

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Film Review: The Mole People (1956)

SYNOPSIS: “Archaeologists discover a mountaintop temple which leads them to the further discovery an underground civilisation of Sumerians, lost to time and among whom they become trapped. This unknown, centuries-old subterranean patriarchal society comprised of a brutal albino master race (having, over time, lost their pigment in their nearly lightless world), soil-burrowing mole people (a subjugated humanoid slave race that …

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Film Review: The Land Unknown (1957)

SYNOPSIS: “Navy Commander Hal Roberts is assigned to lead an expedition to Little America in Antarctica to investigate reports of a mysterious warm water inland lake discovered a decade earlier. His helicopter and its small party, including beautiful reporter Maggie Hathaway, is forced down into a volcanic crater by a fierce storm. They find themselves trapped in a lush tropical …

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Film Review: The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

SYNOPSIS: “With the apparent public discovery of the ‘Site B’ production island full of dinosaurs, John Hammond assembles a team to visit and document the area before it is exploited by others. Included in the four man team are Doctor Ian Malcolm and his girlfriend, Doctor Sarah Harding. When the team reaches the island, they soon discover the presence of …

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Film Review: Flash Gordon (1936)

SYNOPSIS: “A rogue planet is rushing madly toward the earth. Impending doom creates worldwide pandemonium. But maverick scientist Doctor Zarkov hopes to stay disaster by traveling to the new planet in his experimental rocket. Two chance-met strangers, athletic Flash Gordon and damsel in distress Dale Arden, go with him. Arrived, the trio find Mongo to be a planet of wonders, …

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