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Horror Art: David Culbertson


David Culbertson was born in 1969 in Eureka, Kansas. Self-taught, he has been painting since 1998.He has always loved the artwork and the space of the Southwest and moved to Santa Fe, N.M. in May 2010 to further his interests in the culture and art.

From idea to tangible form, I love to create original artwork that engages the viewer.

My current works are explorations in dark and macabre art.It’s a mortality issue that I feel is the best way to be aware that you are alive and living in this world.Thinking about death will make you prioritize the important things in life.

I work outside under the skies of New Mexico where I can feel the soul of the land embed itself in me and my paintings.

I am always interested in the viewer’s reactions to my works, wondering what story they would tell.

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable…


David-Culbertson-DARK-horror-art-(1) David-Culbertson-DARK-horror-art-(2) David-Culbertson-DARK-horror-art-(3) David-Culbertson-DARK-horror-art-(4) David-Culbertson-DARK-horror-art-(5) David-Culbertson-DARK-horror-art-(6) David-Culbertson-DARK-horror-art-(7)

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