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Horror Rama – October 21 2014


Tuesday October 21 2014

A very rare circumstance transpires this year as Halloween falls on a Friday. Many of us horror aficionados who celebrate Samhain year round are exhilarated to the point of ecstasy with an additional two days to pay homage to all things horror.  Fangoria and Suspect Video and Culture proudly presents Horror-Rama, Toronto’s only all horror convention Saturday November 1 and Sunday November 2. Located in the heart of downtown, 99 Sudbury Street will host the festivities that will surely create nightmares to cherish forever.

Just a lurking glimpse into the celebrity guest line up and vendors at this spook-extravaganza:


Barbara Magnolfi-Italian Horror Star ( Suspiria, Sister of Ursula)

Barbie Wilde-Horror Actress/Author (Hellraiser 2, The Venus Complex)

Tom Savini-Horror Legend (Dawn of The Dead, Creepshow, Friday the 13th)

Nivek Ogre-Shock Rock Legend (Skinny Puppy, Repoi, Queen of Blood)

Patti Mullen-Exploitation Icon (Frankenhooker)

Michael Slade-Horror Author (Headhunter, Ghoul, Burnt Bones)

Paul Jones-FX Legend (Hellraiser 3, Nightbreed, Silent Hill)

Jovanka Vuckovic-Author/Filmmaker (Jacqueline ESS, The Captured Bird)

Lisa Marie-Actress/Model (Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks)

Alex Kavanagh-Costume Designer (Survival of The Dead, Repoi, Saw)

Lesleh Donaldson-Horror Legend (Curtains, Funeral Home, Deadly Eyes)

George Mihalka-Horror Director (My Bloody Valentine, Eternal Evil)

Lynne Griffin-Horror Actress (Black Christmas, Curtains)

Greg Lamberson-Indie Film Legend (Slime City, Dry Bones)

Brett Kelly-Indie Film Legend (My Fair Zombie, My Dead Girlfriend)


Fangoria-1st in Fright since 1979. Come meet editor Chris Alexander and his crew and pick up back issues and more.

Suspect Video-Toronto’s leading source for DVD’s in horror and exploitation.

Twisted T’s-Check out the one of a kind apparel in all its demented splendor.

ZomCom.ca-“Where childhood nightmares are made” Makers of Baby Rots a lot and Trophy Ear Necklaces.

The Gift Crypt-Makers of horror, gothic, rockabilly, pin-up and steampunk items.

Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Portraits-Zombify your personal portraits with blood curdling results.

Horror Writers Association-Non profit organization of writers and publishers around the world., dedicated to promoting dark literature.

Black Fawn Distribution-Canadian Indie Film distribution selling Discopath, In The House of Flies, Silent Retreat just to name a few.

Pixie Fashions-A wide array of hair accessories, necklaces and housewares and even customized digitizing and embroider of your ghoulish delights.

Steve McGinnis Horror Illustration-Depicting terror imagery his work has donned the pages of Fangoria, Gore Zone, Gore Noir and Heavy Metal Sounds will be debuting his first Graphic Novel at Horror Rama.

Alternate Cinema-Decorated purveyors of such studios as Campmotion Pictures, Shock-O-Rama Cinema, After Hours Cinema and more. Find your rare gems previously elusive to the Great White North.

Zombie Jesus-Acquire all your 13 Flames Empire merchandise such as comic books, graphic novels, t-shirts and more.

Chris Roberts Art-Rare prints, fridge magnets, etc from this rare commodity reuniting with Horror-Rama after several years of seclusion in the convention circuit.

The Vault-Merchandising and marketing of the most obscure scream filled DVD’s, VHS, magazines, masks, CD’s and more.

Eye Sore Cinema-Queen Street’s very own emporium of the eclectic, bizarre and blissfully creepy DVD’s and blurays.

The Blood in The Snow Canadian Film Festival-Announcing its entire line up for Canada’s only homegrown horror film fest this year.

Shock Stock-Jake and James of Vagrancy Films to promote their very own terror and exploitation convention in 2015, London, Ontario.

Special VIP tickets with an onslaught of amenities, keepsakes and chance of a lifetime experiences are available. Individual ticket and weekend passes are also available.

For further event information and inquiries be sure to go to www.horrorramacanada.com/

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  1. This was an event that was so good. You could actually talk to the actress with no problem.


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