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Bizarre AC II Rocked!


I have to say Bizarre AC ll was one of the best horror conventions I’ve ever been to! The vendors, the hosts, the clientele, like myself, were all like-minded individuals with one thing on their minds, to see and collect as many horror treasures, try to catch every Q&A, & fit in those screenings, in the midst of all of the fun mayhem going on there! ;)

033It was especially awesome to see Brian O’Halloran from Clerks & Marilyn Ghigliotti. So many times Brian was either behind me when walking through the casino or in the hallway. Did I have the courage to say “hi”? No, of course not, but at least I got to see him, & “say” I saw him! ;) I love all of the Kevin Smith movies, from Mall Rats to Clerks ll ! & the verdict is out on Mr. Feldman, as I did not have a chance to see him, but I’ve heard quite a bit! ;) And it was so nostalgic to see Hacksaw Jim Duggan there. We were actually sitting right behind him, and I never got the chance to go see him, as we were so busy, doing Q&A’s & recording them, mind you, but not like I would’ve had the guts to say hello anyway!

But I honestly feel the best part of the convention was seeing so many people dressed up in horror-tumes (horror costumes)!! They were all so awesome and freakishly scary looking. I couldn’t wait to see the next monsterly-clad person walk by me. I just had to take a picture and took many of them too!! The makeup & costumes were all so professional looking, like they were on the set of a horror movie, which I guess you could say, the Bizarre AC ll was the stage for many monsters, creatures, lovers of horror and macabre in general. So I will end on this note… All the Bizarre’s a horror movie set, & we were the actors and actresses making one hell of a horror movie! ;) By Metal Enchantress


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